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The average cost of BSc Nursing in Canada ranges from 52,000 CAD to 169,000 CAD (equivalent to approximately INR 30,22,538- 98,23,251). Here is a breakdown of the average fees at some universities:

  • Seneca College: CAD 21,407 (INR 12,73,239)
  • Humber College: CAD 20,485 (INR 12,18,336)
  • McGill University: CAD 1,69,568 (INR 1,00,84,802)
  • University of Alberta: CAD 7,106 (INR 4,22,566) per year
  • University of British Columbia: CAD 41,234 (INR 24,52,547.86)

The cost of studying

BSc Nursing in Canada varies depending on the university and additional expenses. For bachelor’s degree programs, tuition fees range from 53,000 CAD to 170,000 CAD. Postgraduate programs may have tuition fees ranging from 80,000 CAD to 180,000 CAD.


Several scholarships are available to ease the financial burden for students pursuing BSc in Nursing in Canada. Here are some examples:

  • Dean’s Global Award of Excellence: $20,000 per year (INR 11,63,530)
  • The Class of 1966 Nursing Scholarship: $1,000 (INR 58,176)
  • The Steve Baxter Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 (INR 58,176)
  • The Lori Scott Nursing Scholarship: $5,000 (INR 2,90,896)
  • F.A. Davis Nursing Undergraduate Scholarship: $1,500 (INR 87,264)
  • Canadian Nurses Foundation Awards: $1,500 (INR 87,264)
  • Susan Nelles Scholarship: The amount varies
  • BN Nursing Scholarship: $1,500 (INR 87,264)
  • School of Nursing Scholarship: $1,000 (INR 58,176)

Frequently asked questions:

Is an Indian BSc degree valid in Canada?

More than nursing education obtained in India or other countries may be required to practice as a Registered Nurse in Canada. International credentials need to be assessed, and obtaining the necessary licensure to practice in Canada is important.


Will a BSc Nursing degree from Canada help in becoming a doctor?

A bachelor’s degree in nursing can provide an advantage when pursuing a master’s or doctorate program. Some schools offer bridge programs to help nurses transition into becoming doctors.

What are the alternative career options after completing a BSc in Nursing in Canada?

Some alternative career options include becoming an Entrepreneur/Consultant, Certified Nurse Midwife, Forensic Nurse, Holistic Nurse, Military Nurse, Nursing Informatics Specialist, or Medical Editor/Writer.


Why should one pursue BSc in Nursing in Canada?

Canada is a country that offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. It provides various pathways for individuals to achieve their potential and excel in their chosen careers. Nursing is also a highly regarded subject of study in Canada for international students.

What is the duration of BSc Nursing in Canada?

BSc Nursing programs in Canada can be completed within 4 years. There are both standard and accelerated degree options available. The program focuses on the prevention and treatment of illnesses to protect health.


Can BSc in Nursing be pursued in Canada without mathematics?

Mathematics is generally a requirement for pursuing nursing in Canada. However, some colleges and universities offer pathway programs for students who need a background in math. Alternatively, one may be required to pass a math test that assesses conceptual knowledge in 10th-grade mathematics. This allows students to begin their academic studies.

We hope that this comprehensive information about BSc Nursing in Canada assists you in making informed decisions about your career path.

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