Benin Names And Their Meaning Edo Affairs

Benin Names And Their Meaning Edo Affairs: The Edo people, residing in the captivating city of Benin in Nigeria, possess an extraordinary and beautiful cultural legacy that finds its roots in their traditional customs and beliefs. Their naming tradition is one facet of this vibrant culture that holds tremendous significance within the community.

Within this article, we shall embark on a captivating exploration of Benin names, unraveling their meanings and shedding light on the treasured customs and traditions of the Edo people.

The Edo people assign great importance to names, as they firmly believe that names shape an individual’s destiny and wield influence over their life’s path. With careful consideration, names are selected based on various factors, including the day of the week the child is born, the circumstances surrounding their birth, and the ancestral ties of the family.

Each name carries profound symbolism, reflecting the aspirations, values, and beliefs cherished by the Edo people.
Let us commence our journey by delving into the diverse categories of Benin names. Traditional Edo names can be categorized into several groups, encompassing personal names, family names, and titles. Personal names are bestowed upon individuals at birth, serving as an expression of hope for their future.

Édo NamesÉdo Meanings (O)Suitable For
ObeboOne that has pure hands.Male/Female
ObéléA figurative name for one who is parochial.Male
ObéhiThe hand of P.G.SMale/Female
ObérureA lazy person who wants to eat where he/she did not sow.Male/Female
ObighoThe hand that owns money.Male/Female
ObioyeRoyal name-The 29th Ogiso of Benin.Male
ObirigagoOne whose future will be brighter at the later end.Male
ObiémwenOne that protectsFemale
ObosaThe hand of god/ One that is preserved.Male/Female
OboyoOne who rejoice in destroying other people’s goods.Male
ObódagbonyiThe dignity of labour.Male
ObóbaifoThe protective hands of the king is endless.Male
ObóigbaéfeNo one has the power to gather and retain wealth.Male/Female
ObóigbabairoNo one has the final solution.Male/Female
ObóigbamwenNo one will be able to manhandled me.Male
ObóigbeOne whose life is secured.Male
Obómasomoeghian- EriaRevenging stage.Male/Female
Obómasomoikhi-EriaRevenging ageMale/Female
ObómwanOnes hand is the dignity of labour.Male
ObónóbiekhuA child born under stress.Male/Female
ObósuriaOne’s hand is not reaching far easily.Female
ObózogieOne’s hand bring’s prosperityMale
ObózogiéDignity of labour brings joyFemale
ObózuhiomwenDignity of labour brings prideMale/Female
ObózuwaDignity of labour brings wealthMale
ObueNickname for someone who scatter what have been given to him.Male
OdegbeA figurative name for one who abuse his/her privilege.Male/Female
Odeway- A child born on the way.Male
OdehiThe way of P.G.SMale/Female
OdenehiwalaThe order of P.G.S leads to prosperity.Female
OdenigholaeThe way money passed.Male/Female
Odibo-OsaMessenger of GodMale
OdionmwanAn executor.Male
OdoMortal- A strong fellow.Male
OdoduaRoyal name.Male
OdogboOne who love to defend others.Male
OdosaThe way of GodMale/Female
OdosamamwenI am blessed in God’s way.Male
OdobaiwuPalace title/The king’s way remain open to all.Male
OdomoreChildren are not easily producedMale
Oduagbon- GiarenThe world is difficult to understand.Male/Female
OdumamwenThe road to prosperity.Male/Female
OduwaThe road to wealth.Male
OduwareThe road to wealth is farMale
OduwareThe read to wealth has arrive.Male/Female
Ofen/ OvbiofenA name for underrated fellow./ A nothing fellowMale/Female
OgbeboRoyal name-The 32th Oba of Benin.Male
OgbehaProtector/ prosperityMale
OgbekhaWhat they said prospered me.Male/Female
OgbeówemwénkónA wise fellow.Male
OgbezuwaI have progress from my family.Male
OgbéEstablished family.Male/Female
OgbébóThe family has favoured me.Male
OgbééeziMy family is great.Male
OgbeekhóóThe love of the family gives protection.Female
OgbégiééThe family is greatly.Male
OgbéideThe family will never fall.Male
Ogbéide-OyoThe greatness of the familyMale
OgbéifunThe family will not perish.Male
OgbéiwiThe family will not lostMale
OgbémudiaThe family stands firmly.Male
OgbénédeAn established family.Male/Female
OgbésógieThe family is worth prominent.Male/Female
OgbésóyenThe family worth glorious.Male
OgbévóénThe family is filled.Male
OgbéwiThe family lineage will not lostMale
OgbézuwaI got wealth from my family.Male
OgboroOne that is born great and mighty.Male
OgbómóFamily of children.Male
OgbutuNickname for one who over do things.Male
OghionmwanOne’s enemy.Male/Female
Oghiónmwanghaghom-wan-OwotómagbohioWhen your enemies look at you, their thought are for your destruction.Female
OghiónmwanriOne’s innumerable enemies.Male/Female
OghoduaAlmighty God.Male
OghotodinSomething great to behold.Male
OghoroOne that great and mighty.Male
OgiemiénIt is an Ogie that rules / The early administrator of Benin kingdom.Male
OgidaOne that love his people.Male
Ogidogbo/ Ogie- IdogboAn over comerMale
OgierumwénseThe most prominent has done me well.Male
OgiiefaPalace title.Male
OgiegbaienThe head of Egbalen community.Male
OgiegoThe head of Ego family.Male
OgiehóEho community head.Male
OgiehólóThe head of Eholo community.Male
OgieghoChieftaincy title is not money.Male
OgieikhamwénabagiéThe community head never say a word of fun.Male
OgiemudiaThe prominent stood firmly.Male
OgiemwanbóThe prominent has the right hand.Male
OgiemwanyeThe prominent has the final saying in the world.Male
OgiemwénkénThe prominent has all in potential.Male
OgiemwénseThe prominent has all saying.Male
OgiemwénsiThe nobles has their sources.Male
OgiemwonyiThe dignity of the prominent.Male
Ogienikings does not bow down to any oneMale
OgienuhumwuokeOne who is highly exalted.Male
Ogieriahhi/ OgieirakhiCommunity head do not seek vengeance.Male
OgieséwuCommunity heads are easily recognized.Male
OgiesóbaThe king is greater than the community head.Male
OgieuwaA midst of wealth.Female
Ogunsedea child born under the influence of Ogun shrine.Male
OgievénrénThe community heads are always peace maker.Male
OgiewiiCommunity head has the right has protection.Male
OgiékuéA funny name given to one who over do things.Male
Ogiéagbonyepeople of the world are made to laugh and make fun of someone in difficulty.Male/Female
OgiékaeThe Duke of Ekae.Male
OgiómwandeOne who love and protect his people.Male
OgiemwénvaLaughter has two versions.Female
OgikebeBig bottom .Female
Ogiome/ OmeOne who brighten futureMale
OgiomumuThe Duke of OmumuMale
OgióbadanThe Duke of ObadanMale
OgiómóThe most blessed childMale/Female
OgisoThe king of the sky.Male
OgiugoThe Duke of Ugo.Male
OgodogbonronA nitwit fellowMale
OgoloA hot tempered fellow.Male
OguguOne who love to care for his fellow men.Male
Ogun/ OguumThe god of iron.Male
OgunamenThe comfort from the god of iron.Male
OgunbóOne whom god of iron have favoured.Male
OgundigiééGod of iron is established/ One whose patience was highly rewardedMale
OgunmwenfoGod of iron owns all.Male
OgunróbóGod of iron is the doctor.Male
OgunsériGod of iron is enough for me.Male
OgunsóyénGod of iron brought me happiness.Male
OgunsuyiGod of iron is glorious.Male
OgunwiAncestral name attributed to god of iron.Male
OguólaRoyal name-The 5th Oba of BeninMale
Ohén-AkéAke priest.Male/Female
Ohén- AwanuhoroPriest of Awanuhoro shrine.Male
Ohén-Ébovoodoo priestMale/Female
Ohén-Isagopriest of the god of thunder.Male/Female
Ohén-IsoPriest of IsoMale
Ohén- OlukunThe priest of the goodness of the sea.Male/Female
Ohén- OgunPriest of the god of ironMale
Ohén- OsaChurch priest.Male
Ohén- ÓkhuaréPriest of Okhuare.Male
Ohén- ÓviaPrince of Ovia river.Male
OhénsaChurch priest.Male
OhiegbómwanPersonal judgment.Male
OhónbaOne who fear the king.Male
OhónmiA quiet fellow.Male
OhóbamuThe fear of the king is dreadful.Male
Ohuawise fellow.Male/Female
OhuanRoyal name- The 19th Oba of BeninMale
OhuóbaOne who love his fellow men.Male
OhuimumwénOne who is not easily irritated.Female
OhunwuThe grips of death.Female
Ohunwugham- UomwanThe fear of death.Male/Female
OkaA child born in Oka community as a stranger.Male/Female
OkakaFirst among equals.Male/Female
OkemeziA powerful fellow.Male
OkénguaeOne whom the king protectsMale
OkhawereThe secret of the story is now open.Male/Female
OkhiókpanA nickname for an isolated and hostile person.Male/Female
OkhuakhuaHarmattan/ One who is not friendly.Male
OkhionkpamwónyiAn isolated fellow has no glory.Male
OkhuomaruyiWomen sometimes do not know the glory of men.Male
OkhuóbaFull adult woman.Male
OkhuódólóWomen are made to repair.Male
OkhuódómwénghuheA foolish woman.Female
OkhuómólaWomen has a stage of productivity.Female
Okiekiearénmwina- YakonOne’s mistake is always detected at lastMale/Female
Okikan/ OkhinkanSourFemale
OkiroA well fed child.Female
OkitikitiOne that is born great.Male
OkitikpiOne born in a wonderful way.Male
OkiziOne who does things in a mighty way.Male
OkoComrade- (Express of words).Male
OkoboA foolish fellow.Male/Female
OkoduwaThe source of wealth.Male
OkogiéréFamily head has been established.Male
Oko-oCommand(An expression from age mate).Male
OkonovuOne who wish to know all/ One who claim to know all.Male
OkokobiOne that was pushed by the multitudeMale
OkokobiokoAn intelligent and faithful fellow.Male
OkpaghaA strong and magnified fellow.Male
Okpaménmighty rainMale
OkperhanA noble man.Male
OkpiavbeA male child is scarce.Male
Okpiaoruyinnor- OkhuoegbeHusbands are the glory of their wives.Female
OkpióbaFull adult.Male
OkpotoFrog-A wicked and dangerous fellowMale/Female
OkpuThe last in a race.Male
OkpunuOne who speaks big for nothing.Male
OkuadaWar that emanated from the junction.Male
Okuoghae/ OkunoghaeWhat the sea shares.Male
OkunbóThe sea has favoured me.Male
OkunagueThe one sea owns.Male
OkundayeThe sea is in the world.Male
OkundayoThe sea has come to stay.Male
OkungbówaThe sea has brought prosperity.Male
OkunhónThe sea heard me.Male/Female
OkunkpólóThe sea is great,Female
OkunmariaThe sea did not spoil anything.Female
OkunmariawaThe sea did not spoil the home.Female
Okunmaria-OdeThe sea did not spoil the way.Female
OkunmafiyiThe sea left nothing.Male
OkunoróbóThe sea is the doctorMale
OkunmazaWhat the sea refuse to choose.Male
OkunsAll that belongs to the sea.Male
OkunóyaweThe sea has ordered it.Female
OkunsogieThe sea is worth prominent.Female
OkunsuyiThe sea is worth glorious.Female
OkunwaguaThe sea’s ownFemale
OkunwanThe has all sense.Female
OkunwayeThe sea has permitted it.Female
OkunyimwénseOne who took solace from the seaFemale
OkunyónareThe sea has brought this.Female
OkunyuwaméThe sea has brought this for me.Female
OkunyuwareThe sea has brought wealth.Female
OkunzónareThe sea has sent this.Female
OkunzónaméThe sea brought me this.Female
OkunzuwaréThe sea has brought wealthMale
OkuomoseA child born in sorrow.Male
OlakeA shapeless fellow.Male
OlezóA persecutor.Male/Female
OlédeOne who owns the crown.Female
OlihaPalace title.Male
Olita/OlitanOne who understand the true meaning of wise saying.Male
OlohunThe might warrior.Male
Ologbosere/ OlogbosePalace title.Female
OloiThe first wife of the Oba (king)Female
OloseElegance in beauty.Female
OlotuThe head of the peopleMale
OlóOne whose life is strong and secured.Male
OluaRoyal name-The 14th Oba of Benin.Male
OlumozaTraditional title.Male
OmumuOne who made him/herself great.Male/Female
OmuruThe one people are delighted to cheat with.Male
OnaigbogieIrreverent talk do harm/kill the king or the noble.Male
OnosaThe mark of God.Male
OniAn adviser.Male
OnihónOne who heed to advice.Male
OnighoFinancial grip.Male
OreavbiereThe territory of a meek fellow is the gateway to destroy the evil.Female
OreogheneRoyal name-The 25th Oba of Benin.Male
Orete-NamenA child dedicated to the goddess of the sea.Female
Orhueikhonagbenó- siomwanAcquaintance joy.Female
OrhueózééHe/she choose happiness.Male/Female
OrhiónkpabimaOne person cannot constitute the multitude.Female
OrhiónkpasarenOne who want to be influential.Male
OrhiónkpasugbeOne person is worth seeing by the multitude (i.e. noble)Male
Orhiónkpayo/ OrhiónkpaiyoOne person can’t go alone.Male
OrhiónkpaziroOne cannot think alone.Male/Female
OrhiónkpaziruwaOne cannot think of his/her wealth alone.Male/Female
OrhiónmwonboOne whom the sea has favoured.Male/Female
OrhiónmwonsogieThe sea is worthy of prominent.Female
OrhoguaRoyal name-The 17th Oba of Benin.Male
OrimobeYour heart is your lifeFemale
OrireRoyal name-The 3rd Ogiso of Benin.Male
OrobóOne whom his secret has favoured.Male
OroroParagon in beauty.Male/Female
OrogheneyiGod is the maker of all.Male/Female
OróburuRoyal name-The 10th Oba of BeninMale
OrukusekeOne whose life is filled with hates and ill will.Male/Female
OrriaRoyal name- The 13th Ogiso of Benin.Male
OrriagbeRoyal name- The 23rd Ogiso of Benin.Male
OrukhóisotaAn evil doer ends their life -span before their noon.Male/Female
Osa/ OsanobuaGod almighty.Male
OsaboOne whom God has favoured.Male/Female
OsabumwénreGod has come to my rescueMale/Female
OsabuohiénGod is the greatest judge.Male/Female
OsadagbónyiGod upholds the world.Male
OsadamwényiGod has upholds me.Male
OsadebamwénGod is with me.Male
OsadaménGod has a special regard for me.Male
OsademwingiééGod has established me.Male
Osadeyaneghian/ OsadeyaeghienGod has over-shadowed the enemies.Male/Female
OsadiayeGod has put the world in order.Male
OsadólóGod put things right.Male
OsadólómwanyiGod is the only source of putting human in a right perspective.Male
Osa-ÉdoThe cradle and the resources of the Benins is God almighty.Male/Female
OsafómwanGod is the source of one’s wealth.Male
OsafaméGod has release this for me.Male/Female
OsafonameGod has set this free for me.Male/Female
OsafunwameGod has given me wealth.Male/Female
OsagbaekhóeGod knows all individual mind.Male/Female
OsagbaroghemwenGod is my protector.Male/Female
OsagbóvóGod is jealous.Male/Female
OsaghaeGod shares.Male
OsagharuóghéGod’s will be done.Male/Female
OsagharuóghomwénGod will do mine.Male/Female
OsaghémwenGod knows meMale/Female
OsaghédéGod guides the dayMale
OsagieGod sent.Male
Osagiemwén-AgbónGod has sent me to the world.Male/Female
OsagiédéOnly God knows the best.Male
OsagiódéOnly God can directs one’s way.Male/Female
OsagioduwaGod can lead one to wealth.Female
OsagióbaghadiayeGod has sent the king to the world.Male
OsagióbatoGod is the king protector.Male
OsagueGod own all.Male/Female
OsagumwénróGod is with me.Male/Female
OsagumwénmaPleading with God for prosperity.Male/Female
OsaguonaGod has precaution in creation.Female
OsaheniGod gives name.Male
OsahónGod hears.Male
Osahón-EhunmwunmwenGod has answers my prayers.Male/Female
OsahuemwénmwénGod loves me.Female
OsaibuekuGod doesn’t wrest judgment.Male/Female
OsaigbeGod doesn’t kill.Male
OsaigbóvóGod doesn’t envy anyone.Male/Female
OsaigbóvómwanGod doesn’t envy anybody.Female
OsaigbóvóruwaGod doesn’t envy the wealth of anyone.Male/Female
OsaigieThe request from God.Male
OsaghakhuEven record one’s eventsMale
OsamagioromwenweGod has driven my enemy from me.Male/Female
OsayedeGod own’s the crown.Male/Female
OsayedèGod own’s his own dayMale/Female
OsiroOne born great {see Osaro}Male
OsaigiééOne who is established by God.Male
OsaigiómwanGod doesn’t mock anyone.Female
OsaikhekuomwanGod has no bitterness on anyone.Female
OsaikhiwuGod has no malice on us.Male
OsaikhiwuómwamGod doesn’t keep malice on anyone.Male
OsaireghéréGod doesn’t mock.Male/Female
OsaitileThe supreme God bet with no one.Male/Female
OsaivbieeGod never sleep.Male/Female
OsaivbiogbééGod is the sources of family protection.Male
OsaiyekemwénGod is my rearMale/Female
OsakhuenókhuodinGod protects the dumbMale
OsakieThe openness of God.Female
OsakeoyaGod has removed my reproach.Male
OsakiékiméGod has open a business for me.Male/Female
OsakiodéGod has open the way.Male/Female
OsakiodéméGod has open the way for me.Male/Female
OsakioduwaOnly God can open the road to wealth.Male/Female
OsakioyamenGod have removed all my reproaches.Female
OsakiuwareGod has brought wealthFemale
OsakiuwameGod open wealth for me.Male/Female
OsakpamwanGod’s gift.Male
OsakpareGod lift all human’s plansMale
OsakpayómwanbóOnly God is the source of our help.Male/Female
OsakpenmwénhuanGod has cleans me.Male/Female
OsakpenmwonkanGod has removed my reproach.Female
OsakpólóGod is great.Male
OsakueGod allowed it. The permissive will of GodMale
OsamaGod is good.Male/Female
OsamagbeGod is so good.Male/Female
OsamagiowadeGod established the home.Male/Female
OsamagiowawiGod never allow the fall of any home.Male/Female
OsamagióghomwénwiGod did not allow me to get lost.Male/Female
OsamagumwéndeGod did not allow me to fall.Male/Female
OsamamiamiawénGod has not forgotten me.Female
OsamédeGod creates the crown.Male/Female
OsamédéGod creates the day.Male/Female
OsamiemwénfanGod has delivered me.Male/Female
OsamionameGod has given me this.Male/Female
OsamomwangieOnly God can ordain one’s position.Male
OsamudiaGod stand. by me.Male/Female
OsamudiameGod is standing by me.Male/Female
OsamuédeGod brings crown.Female
OsamuédemeGod has given me a crownMale
OsamuyiméGod has granted me glory.Male
OsawanzeYour belongings are owned by God.Male/Female
OsawéndaménMy God has a great regard for meFemale
OsamwéntinGod has potential powerMale
Osawenkhienwen- AmeveGod has wiped away my tearsFemale
OsawényawemwénMy God has ordered it for me.Male/Female
OsawényobóGod is the source of human help.Female
OsamwénzémwogieMy God has exalted me.Male/Female
OsamwónyiGod has the potential honour.Male/Female
OsanaGod owns all respect to humanityMale
OsaogieGod is worth his title.Male/Female
OsarénagharuGod knows what we ought to do.Male
OsarénayeGod knows our state.Male
OsaréniroGod knows my thought.Male/Female
OsaréniyeGod knows my condition/state.Male/Female
OsarénókhékemwénGod knows what is good for me.Male/Female
OsarénkhóeGod knows the individual mind.Male/Female
OsarénmwindaGod knows my needsMale
OsarénógaeGod knows those who serve him.Male
OsarenogowuGod knows who bend the boundary.Male/Female
OsarenóhuarénGod knows those that are pure in heart.Male/Female
OsarénómaGod knows those who are good.Male
OsarénóruéseGod knows those who does wellMale/Female
OsarénowarénGod knows the most seniorMale/Female
OsarénókéreOnly God knows the balance.Male/Female
OsarénókereGod knows the bestMale/Female
OsarénótóGod knows those who will last long.Male
OsarénrénGod knows all.Male
OsaréntinGod is powerMale/Female
OsarétinmwénGod is one power.Female
OsarénvbagharuGod knows what mankind are doing.Male/Female
OsariakhinómwanGod is one’s vengeance.Female
OsarieméGod gift to meMale/Female
OsarinmwianI plead with God.Male/Female
OsariogbeGod is the inheritance of Ogba communityMale/Female
OsarionaméGod brought this for me.Male/Female
OsarisiuwaGod is the source of wealthMale/Female
OsariyekemwénGod is my rearMale/Female
OsarogiagbónGod is the source of human lives.Male/Female
OsarogieGod is prominentMale/Female
OsarogiuwaGod is the chief of wealth.Male/Female
OsaronómwanGod has human thought for us.Male/Female
OsaroseGod is the source of beauty.Male/Female
OsaroséGod is our witness.Male/Female
OsaroGod is alive.Male
OsaróboGod is the the greatest physician.Male
OsaróbomwénGod is my greatest Physician.Male
OsaródiónGod is the senior.Male/Female
OsarómwinyekeGod is behind me.Female
OsarómwodaroGod is at my front.Male/Female
OsaruGod has done it.Female
OsaruemwinomwanGod has done something for me.Female
OsarugueGod is my refuge.Female
OsaruguenomwanhiaGod is a refuge for all.Female
OsarumeGod has done it for me.Male
OsarumwenseGod’s gift/God has given me.Male/Female
OsarunómwanWhat God has done remains permanent.Female
OsaruóghomwénméGod has done my own for me.Male/Female
OsaruónaméGod has done this for me.Female
OsasAll are for God.Male/Female
OsasamwanseOnly God can repay good for good.Male/Female
OsasébóGod is far above idols.Female
OsasémwénleleGod is enough for me to follow.Male/Female
OsasémwéngaGod is enough for me to serve.Male/Female
Osasénagagod is worth serving.Male/Female
OsasériGod is worthy to be praise.Male
OsasiéménGod has vindicated me.Male
OsasinmwinóbaGod protects Ogbe community.Male
OsasinwinnómwanGod saves us as human being.Male/Female
OsasogieGod worth a prominent chief.Male
OsasuGod leads.Female
OsasuékimeGod has started my market for me.Female
OsasumwénGod is leading.Female
OsasuyiGod worth his glory.Male/Female
OsatileNo one bet with God.Male/Female
OsatohamwénThe mercy of God is upon me.Male/Female
OsatohangbónThe mercy of God towards mankind.Male/Female
OsawaénténGod expands relationsFemale
OsawaruGod has asked us to do it.Male
OsawayeGod is all in all.Male
OsaweGod is all caused it for me.Male
OsawemwénghóghóGod has asked me to be joyful.Male
OsawemwéngiééGod has caused me to laugh.Female
OsawemwénzééGod has asked me to choose.Male
OsawóbaguanGod has allowed the king to speakMale
OsawuaézóGod hates quarrelling.Female
OsayabamwénGod is with me.Male/Female
OsayabóGod forgives.Male/Female
OsayanbóGod owns every human handsMale/Female
OsayagbónGod the creator of the universe.Male/Female
Osayande/OsayaédéGod owns his day.Male
OsayanéseGod owns all gift.Male/Female
Osayanómó/OsayamóGod owns the children.Male/Female
OsayaruóOne who really boast with God.Male
OsayaweGod has granted it for me.Male
OsayawemwénGod has ordered it for me.Male/Female
OsayamwénGod owns me.Male
Osayehumuen-OgiemwénGod has given shame to all my enemiesFemale
OsayemwénreGod has remembered meMale/Female
OsayiGod’s creation.Male/Female
Osayi-ÓkéyiGod established law and also reserved his lawMale/Female
OsayimareGod has remembered us.Male/Female
OsayimwénGod is my creator.Male
OsayimwénseGod has created me well.Male/Female
OsayiyiGod has established his lawsMale/Female
Osayiyi-ÓkeyiGod established law and also reserved his lawMale/Female
OsayoghohomeGod has granted me joy.Male/Female
OsayoghoghówemwénGod has endow me with joy.Male/Female
Osayogiegod create the prominent chief.Male
OsayogiemeGod has caused me to laugh.Male/Female
OsayogiewemwenGod has made me to laugh.Male/Female
OsayonaGod’s creation is perfect.Male/Female
OsayorhionGod is the source of one’s power.Male/Female
OsayóbaseGod has created the king well.Male
OsayómóGod creates children.Female
OsayómóreGod brings children to the world.Male/Female
OsayómónimaGod has given us childrenFemale
OsayómwanboGod is the source of one’s help.Male/Female
Osayómwansómwanhuman promotion are ordain by God.Male/Female
OsayónaméGod has given me this.Male/Female
OsayónareGod has brought this.Male/Female
OsayugueGod give shelterMale/Female
Osayugueguemwéngod has sheltered me.Male
OsayugueguómwanOnly God can shelter us individually.Male/Female
OsayukiGod created the moon.Female
OsayuwaGod owns wealth.Female
OsayuwagióbaGod has brought wealth to the king.Male/Female
OsayuwaméGod has given me wealth.Male/Female
OsayuwareGod has brought wealthMale
OsayuwuGod creates death.Male
OsayuwumómwanGod sometimes spear one’s life from death.Male/Female
OsazemwindeOnly God can say what will happened.Male
OsazenayeOnly God can choose our position for us.Male/Female
OsazéThe one God choose.Male
OsazèèFor God sake.Male/Female
OsazéméWhat God has chosen for me.Male
OsazemwénseGod has chosen me well.Male/Female
OsazogieOnly God can elect prominent Chief.Male
OsazógaGod elects senior.Male
OsazóheOnly God can give gift that last.Male/Female
OsazómwandiónOnly God can elect senior.Male
OsazomwangieGod elect you as prominent chief.Male
OsazuhumwuwaGod is source of one’s blessings.Male
OsazuwaGod choose wealth.Male
OsazuwaméGod has chosen my wealth for me.Male/Female
OsegheOne who stand to defend others.Male/Female
OseyagbónThe world likes beautyFemale
OseasénobaOne who witness for the king.Male
OsodinPalace title-The protector.Male
OsoA vampire, an evil spirit that destroy at night.Male/Female
OsoganAncient ic name-A mighty warrior.Male
OsifoEndless fame.Male
OsuanPalace title.Male
OsukhónA nickname for one who has a swollen navel.Male/Female
Osulapalace titleMale
Osumapalace titleMale
OsunbóShrine/idol is favoured.Male
OsundeOne who seek favour from shrine IdolMale
OsungboeShrine/Idol is established.Male
OsungbówaShrine/Idol has brought prosperity.Male
OsunhónShrine/Idol hears.Male
OtabóOne whom the evening has favoured.Male
OtahénEvening will record events,Male
Ota-aghómwanhiOne should only pray to be like others in the evening.Male/Female
Ota-aghómwanruoOne should boast to be like others in the evening.Female
Ota-akpéhiOne who misused their lives in the morning usually blame their P.G.S in the evening.Male/Female
Ota-akpónmwénhiOne who thanks the P.G.S in the evening.Male/Female
OtaigbeEvening will not kill{i.e. The age of 70yrs-100yrs are honoured}Male
Otakhuoyémwén-ómoreParent expects their children’s joy in the evening.Female
OtamereOne who toil so much later prospered in the evening.Male
OtamwónyiEvening has honour.Male
OtaniyénOne will account for himself in the evening.Male/Female
OtaniyénuwaEvening records final events.Male/Female
OtarénEvening records final eventsMale
Otarén-Nógowu/ Nóguéhiduwa/ NóguéhizuwaYou will know the final things in the evening {i.e. after death}. If really you are in the right track or on the wrong way.Male/Female
OtasereEvening is the greatest.Male
OtasowiéEvening is greater than morning.Male/Female
OtayeYou will remember all events in the evening.Male
OtegheThe prominent child.Male
OteghekpénProminent/ One that is loved by all.Male
ÓtélékpénhaeKing/noble can offend his father without faultMale
OtiénNickname for a girl/woman who open her private part for others to see indiscriminately.Female
OtoakemuokpuwaStep by step is the key to success.Female
OtubuGreat multitude.Male
OtutuA pampered childMale/Female
Ovénsérinógbirumwu-seSunshine judges the one that weed well.Male
OvbiadólóOne who can put things right.Male/Female
OvbiekiaNickname for a child born with a small penis.Male
OvbiekoA child born in the coast {Lagos boy or girl}Male/Female
OvbietéA child of a rebel.Male/Female
OvbiédoOne born and bred in Benin City.Male/Female
OvbiékpénThe son of the king {Oba}.Male
OvbierhaHalf brother/sister.Male/Female
Ovbiekpen-OtelekpenhaeOnly the son of the king/noble can offend his father without fault.Male
OvbimaOur children.Male/Female
OvbimwénMy own child.Male/Female
OvbiolokunA child dedicated to Olokun.Male/Female
OvbioghanThe child of a man who has full potentials.Male
OvbioghoA child/youth that has power {age of 18-24yrs}Male
OvbiogieThe child of the prominentMale/Female
OvbiogheOne that is poor.Male/Female
OvbiokhuoThe children of a woman in an extended family.Male/Female
OvbiokpiaThe children of a man in an extended family.Male/Female
OvbiorinmwinThe name given to the one who lost his/her parent {i.e. during burial ceremony}Male/Female
OvbioweOne born and bred in owe community.Male/Female
OvbiovbioGreat grand child.Male/Female
OvbióbaThe son/daughter of the king.Male/Female
OvbióbasonA child dedicated to the king of the night.Male/Female
OvbióboA child of a native doctor.Male/Female
OvbiókpomwanA servant or maidMale/Female
OvbiómwanbieThe destiny to produce children is from God.Female
OvbiuduA heart of the stone/ A fearless fellow.Male/Female
OvbiunuOne with small mouth.Male/Female
OvbiyeA child of one’s mother.Male/Female
Ovbiosa-NobuaOne who belongs to God almighty.Male/Female
Ovónranmwén-NóghasiA royal name-the 35th Oba of Benin.Male
OwaaOne’s home personal belongings.Female
OwaboOne whom home has favoured.Male/Female
Owaghamudianóm-wan-Aideif you house stands by you, you will never fail.Female
Owaghianye/ OwaeghianyeOne’s enemies are in the home.Male
OwaiyeOne who dwells in her home.Female
OwaiyekemwenMy home is my rareFemale
OwakariómiéHome first.Female
OwamagbeOne whom his home protects.Male
Owamagbomwan-OregnisétinIf your home is not against you, outsider will not prevail on you.Female
OwamwénghianHome has enemies.Female
OwamwéntinHome has powerMale/Female
OwamwonyiHome is glorious.Male/Female
OwaruméMy home has done it for me.Male
OwaséméMy home is enough for me.Male/Female
OwasiéméMy home denied it for me.Male/Female
OwasogieHome is worth glorious.Male
OwasumwénMy home has uplifted me.Male
OwasuyiHome is worth glorious.Male
OwazuhiomwenHome makes one’s proud.Male
OwazumamwenHome brings one’s wealth.Male
OwegieA prominent fellowMale
Owegieéprominent and well established.Male
OweweOne who has much strength.Male
OwereThe most senior among the eldersMale
OwénazeOne’s step.Male
Owén-OdeThe beauty of the sun pave the way.Male
Owén-OrisiedéThe beauty of the sun controls the day.Male/Female
OwenvbiugieThe sun never sleeps in duty.Female
OwinaA workman of all types/ Diligence.Male
OwodoA royal name-the 31th Ogiso of Benin.Male
OwomwandólóOne who repair his homeMale
OwómwanreYou will surely come back to your home,Female
Owomwanwa-NemwinawiómwanThe right destinyFemale
OwiéEarly morning.Male
OyairuóbaGod has bless the king with his request.Male
Oyanóghafo/Oyanófo-AkieThe sorrow that will end.Male
OyegunPleasantness/All is well with me.Male
OyeruOne who does things that is accepted by all.Male/Female
OyiA general name for a thief/ One who love to take what he/she did not possess.Male/Female
OyoOne that is born great.Male
Oyómare/OyómóareOne who suffer for children sake.Male
OzoA nickname for a lazy farmer who only talk with his mouth, but refuse to work with his handsMale
Ozo/OjoA child who is a warrior who his placental around his neck during birth {Isango warrior}Male
OzuaMighty warrior.Male
OzureRoyal name-the 27th Oba of Benin.Male
(P .G .S personal Guardian Spirit)
Benin NameMeaningUsed For
AmadinBrave enough, If you are not brave enoughMale
AdazeeSomeone who has high morals, people who are royalty.Male
AzagbaOut of town, A Child born out of townMale
AkugbeUnity, Let’s unite, Let’s come togetherMale
AibangbeNever withdraw from your family, tight family bondMale
AkpataA tough person, a strong person, someone who is unshakableMale
Aibuedefeyou can’t predict when someone will prosperunisex
AigbeCan’t be killed or destroyedMale
AdigbeTo prosperMale
AgbonzeeThis life is very complex, life is difficult to understandMale
AghoVery calm person, reserved personalityMale
AmieghemwenMy time shall come, it will be my timeFemale
AisosaNobody is above God, God is the highestMale/Female
AdesuwaBorn into a rich FamilyFemale
AyiCreation and rulesFemale
AtitiFamous, a famours personFemale
AsemotaMy golden yearsMale
AdolorA peacemakerMale
AsoroGreat warrior, renowned fighterMale
Benin NameUsed ForMeaning
BosaMaleIn the hands of God, It is in God’s hands
DegbueyiMaleHold on to yours
DiagbonyaUnisexStay alive
Benin NameUsed forMeaning
EbedeguowenUnisexThe radiance of the star cannot be eclipse
EdeFemalea Crown
EdebiriMaleThe strong will fulfil his days on earth
EdegbeMaleThe dawn of a new day
EdehiUnisexDay of destiny, the day that has been destined
EdehiaFemaleEvery day
EdekereUnisexThere are days left
EdoborMaleEdo make make prophecy
EdoghoghoUnisexa day full of joy
EdosaUnisexThe day of the Lord
EfeUnisexWealth, affluence
EfeomoFemaleChild is wealth, a child brings wealth
EfosaUnisexGod’s wealth
EfosaFemaleGod’s wealth
EghosaUnisexGod’s time
EguogieMaleThe King’s palace
EhianetaUnisexIs your destiny that you talk with
EhigiawinaFemaleAppealing to destiny for permission of one’s endeavor
EhinomaMaleGood destiny
EhinosenFemaleGood destiny
EhiosuFemaleDestiny guide
EhiozeUnisexDestiny made it possible
EhiozeeUnisexDestiny has come to the rescue
EhiwmenmaFemaleMy destiny is good
EhizogieFemaleDestiny choose a King or leader
EkenezarMaleSabbath day
EkhatorMaleYour heart dictate your existence on earth
EkhoroseFemaleSoul is what is beautiful; or Elegant soul
EkhorutomwenUnisexThe content of your character and heart and character is longevity
EkhosuFemaleYour destiny is your shepherd
EkosaUnisexGod’s gathering
EkpenMaleLeopard; Lion; or Tiger;
EkpenedeMaleLeopard; Lion and Tiger are always victorious in battle
EkpenriebeMaleLeopard don’t dine on plant but blood only
EmotanFemaleNoble woman
EmovonMalePopulation of Children
Emumwen; EmuvbhenUnisexHolding on
EmwenruwaMaleThere are words in prosperity
EmwindaUnisexTight fisted
EnatamaFemaleWho you can speak to
EnibokunFemaleA very rare and exotic bird
EniyeFemaleMy situation
EnobakhareMaleWhat the King has spoken
EnoboreMaleHe that consult the oracle on behalf of the people
EnofeUnisexThe wealthy one
EnomaUnisexA good person
EnosakhareUnisexWhat God has spoken
EnosazeUnisexOne God has chosen
EnotayoFemaleThe broadcaster
ErhaborMaleFather can prophesy
ErhahonMaleMy father hear and listen
ErhumwunseUnisexPrayer do come true
ErokpademwenUnisexI am not upset about all of what has happened
EseFemaleAct of kindness
EseiduFemaleThe gift of the land
EseosaFemaleGod’s gift
EsewieFemaleKindness cannot be forgotten
EtinosaUnisexGod’s strength and vigor
EtinosasereUnisexGod’s power is greater
EvbuFemaleMorning dew
EvbuomwanUnisexOur community
EvbusogieFemaleRich morning dew
EwaenighoMaleWisdom is money
FosaMaleGod’s riches
FujeFemaleThan laughter
GuobadiaMaleIn the protection of the King
Benin NameUsed forMeaning
IbhafidonMaleI did not change or go astray
IbieuwairoFemaleThere is no set up time to be wealthy
IdahagbonUnisexThe essence of life
IdahosaMaleThe Essence of God
IdehenMaleI am contented, to be contented
IdenFemaleKing’s Ewuakpe’s loyal wife
IdiaFemaleA powerful warrior Queen’s mother
IdiagbonMaleI am coming to the world
IdusogieUnisexThe spirit of the land is worthy of adoration
IdusuyiUnisexIdu spirit is worthy of adoration
IfaluyiMaleIfa spirit is worthy of adoration
IfuekoFemaleCalmness, Peaceful, Kind
IgbinedionMaleI seek refuge with the elders
IgbinevbhoUnisexI seek refuge with the community
IgbinewekaMaleI seek refuge with Oba Eweka
IgbinobaMaleSeeking refuge with the King
IgbinomwanhiaUnisexIn the refuge of the entire people and community
IgbinosaUnisexI Seek refuge with God
IgbinoviaMaleI seek refuge with the spirit of ovia river
IghagbonUnisexLooking at the world
IgharoFemaleLooking ahead
IghideMaleI will not fall
IghileMaleI will not desert
IghoUnisexMoney, cash
IghodaroMaleLooking into the future
IghomoFemaleMoney spent on a child
IhueghianFemaleI will not create enmity
IkhimwinMaleSpiritual tree
IkpakpaFemaleThe toughness of my character
IkponmwosaUnisexI am grateful to God
IkueroFemaleDeception play and plot
ImadeUnisexI stand firmly
ImadiyiUnisexI am law abiding
ImafidonMaleI did not wither away
ImagboghoFemaleI am respectful
ImariabeFemaleI am not guilty
ImasekhaMaleI am a hero
ImasogieUnisexI am a leader
ImatitiFemaleMy fame
ImatitikuaFemaleMy fame will live forever
ImiamiaFemaleI won’t forget
ImiamiyemwenFemaleI will not forget my mother
ImiefanFemaleI am saved
ImudiaUnisexStanding firm
ImuetinyanosaUnisexTrust in God
ImuwahenUnisexThe beginning of my prosperity
IrediaUnisexI am here to stay
IreneUnisexI have arrive
IreyuwaUnisexI came at the when there is wealth
IrhenegbeFemaleI have dignity
IsehenrienUnisexI forgive
IseleMaleA coin
IseleghiomoMaleMoney is not a child
IsiUnisexForeign place
IsiborMaleForeign land prophesy
IsimemeFemaleForeign land was good to me
IsiuwaFemaleCentre of prosperity
IsokenUnisexSatisfaction, satified with what God gives
IsokpanUnisexWith the exemption
ItuahMaleI am not in a hurry
IweroFemaleA wise person
IwinosaUnisexThe work of the Lord
IwuomoFemaleMark of child
IyagbayeUnisexMy life preservation
IyahenUnisexApplication of rules and regulations
IyalekhueUnisexI forgive
IyamuMaleMy continuation
IyeghewuFemaleMothers could have live forever
IyesogieFemaleMother is worthy of adoration
IyiUnisexRules and regulations
IyobosaUnisexThe help of God
IyonawanFemaleThis made me wise
IyoreFemaleI completed the journey
IzeUnisexI Made my choice
IzegbuwaFemaleI have charisma of prosperity
IzehiFemaleI chose destiny
IzekorMaleInvesting for the future
IzevbigieMaleI made my choice among the nobles
IzevbuwaFemaleI have chosen within prosperity
IzeyeseFemaleI acknowledge act of kindness
IziegbeFemaleI am patient; or patience
IzoduwaUnisexI have chosen the path of prosperity
IzogieFemale(1.) Amusing. (2.) I chose a leader
JoromiMaleFamous folklore wrestler
KenekeneFemaleFeatures of beauty
KeneriMaleSome type of exotic bird
MinohoFemaleNobody wants insult
NadiakheFemaleWho you waited for will not wait for you
NanareFemaleCome gently and gallantly
NedaUnisexIt does not matter to me
NehiMaleWhat destiny has
NehikhareMaleWhat my destiny have ordain
NehizenaUnisexWho the destiny has chosen for
NekpenekpenFemaleFollowing the right part of life gallantly and judiciously
NoghayinFemaleOne who will dwell and be steadfast
NogieruUnisexIs the survival of adversity that brags
NohuomaUnisexOne that is advocating for every body’s well being
NohuwaUnisexWho wants prosperity
NoronzeFemaleOne that knows the value of bronze and gold artistry
NoruwaUnisexWho is in prosperity
NosaUnisexWhat God has
NosagieUnisexThe one God has sent
NosakhareUnisexWhat God has spoken
NosazeUnisexThe one God has chosen
NowamagbeUnisexWho survive the adversity and hatred of the family
NoyinFemaleWho is ready and willing to dwell
NoyozeFemaleAn Artist of bronze and gold sculpture
Benin NameUse forMeaning
ObaretinMaleKing is powerful, the power of a king
ObarisiagbonMaleKings pivot the activities of the world
ObasekiMaleKingship is greater than business deals
ObasogieMaleKing is worthy of adoration
ObasuyiMaleKing is worthy of praises and respect
ObayagbonaMaleGod gave the world to the Kings
ObayangbonMaleKings rules the world
ObazeeMaleKing came to the rescue
OdemwingieMaleIt has fortified my prosperity
OdiaUnisexIt is well
OdiaseMaleWell manner
OdigieMaleIt is fortified
OdodoFemaleBright and elegant
OdoligieMaleIn charge of royalty
OdowaUnisexPath home
OduwaUnisexPath of prosperity
OfureUnisexIt is peaceful
OgbeMaleOnes foundation
OgbeborMaleClan can prophesy
OgbemudiaMaleFamily has been made stable and firm
OgboduMaleSome kind of spiritual bird
OgbomoMalePalace of children
OghideMaleMust be present
OghomwenyemwenFemaleI love what is mine
OghorhoseFemaleRespect is beauty
OghoyeFemaleShe is respectful
OgiemudiaMaleA leader has been fortified
OgieriakhiMaleLeaders don’t revenge
OhehenMaleComfortable situation
OhiegbomwanMaleOne’s own judgment
OhonbamuMaleFear of the King
OkankanFemaleVery tough and powerful
OkhominaMaleThis is like a dream
OkpefuaMaleIt take time and hard work to be noble
OkpunwaFemaleFoundation of prosperity
OkunborMaleThe ocean can prophesy
OkundiaMaleIn the dwelling of the ocean
OkunsogieFemaleOcean have the quality of adoration
OkuomoseMaleWar is not a thing of beauty
OkutaUnisexRock or stone
OlegheMaleIt is blissful
OloiFemaleKing’s wife
OlomoFemaleChild Birthing
OlumeseMaleOne that was kind to me
OmagbonMaleThe goodness of life
OmigieMaleChild of foundation
OmobudeFemaleChild can advice
OmodamwenFemaleI love children
OmodiaUnisexWell raised child
OmoehiomwanFemaleChild is one’s pride and destiny
OmofonmwanMaleChild will defend and uphold your dignity
OmoguiMaleChild is not and an anger
OmokaroMaleChild is first and foremost
OmokhoseFemaleChild is the parents beauty
OmonighoFemaleChild is more precious than money
OmonuwaUnisexPraises of child as a respect
OmoragbonMaleChild is life
OmorayeUnisexChild is what is life
OmoregbeMaleChild is your trusted family
OmoregieMaleChildren are Kings and Queens
OmorodionMaleChild is supreme
OmorogievaUnisexChild is your partner
OmorogiuwaUnisexChild is the King of prosperity
OmoroseFemaleChildren are the community’s beauty
OmorotionmwanMaleChild is your relative
OmorovbiyeFemaleChild is your brother and sister
OmorowaFemaleChild is what is home
OmoruyiMaleChild is command respect
OmosedeFemaleChild value is greater than the crown
OmosefeFemaleChild is more worthy than riches
OmosekhaUnisexChild defends and uphold the parent’s dignity
OmosighoUnisexChild more valuable than money
OmosukponFemaleChild is greater than wealth
OmoyemwenFemaleI love children
OmozayeFemaleIs child that complement your existence
OmozuwaFemaleChild strengthen your prosperity
OnaghiseMaleLast but not the least
OnaifoMaleThis have no ending
OrobosaUnisexIs all in the hands of God
OronsayeMaleLife is worthy to live
OrumwenseMaleOne that was kind to me
OsaUnisexI am the image of God
OsabuohienMaleGod have settle the dispute
OsadebamwenUnisexGod is with me
OsadolorUnisexIs God that resolve matters
OsagbemwonrhueFemaleGod has decorated me with joy and happiness
OsaghaeMaleIs God that shares
OsagieMaleGod has sent
OsagiedeMaleGod decree what happens daily
OsagioduwaMaleGod direct the path of prosperity
OsaheniMaleGod knows your name
OsahenrumwenFemaleGod hears my prayer
OsahonMaleGod hear and listen
OsaibuekuUnisexGod is impartial in judgment
OsaigbokanUnisexSubstance of God dispensation
OsaigbovoMaleGod is not envious
OsaiyekemwenUnisexGod is my foundation
OsakpamwanMaleIs God that uplift someone
OsakpolorMaleGod is great
OsamaMaleGod is good
OsamagbeUnisexIf God did not kill
OsamagioghomwenwieUnisexGod protected what is mine
OsamakonUnisexGod is not wicked
OsamedeUnisexIs God that makes the crown
OsamudiamenUnisexGod stands firmly for me
OsamuyiMaleGod gives respect
OsamuyimenMaleGod has give me respect
OsaremwindaUnisexDon’t have any other God beside the creator
OsarenghemwenUnisexGod knows my time
OsarenkhoeMaleGod knows your heart content
OsarenomaMaleGod knows the good ones
OsarenortorMaleIs only God that knows who will live long on earth
OsarenrenMaleGod knows
OsaretinUnisexGod is powerful
OsariemenUnisexGod’s gift
OsaroUnisexTestimony of the existence of God
OsaroboMaleGod is the doctor
OsaroseFemaleGod is friend
OsarueseFemaleGod, I am grateful
OsarugueFemaleGod’s is my protector
OsarumwenseUnisexGod has been kind to me
OsasenagaUnisexGod is worthy of adoration
OsasogieFemaleGod is King
OsasuUnisexGod guide
OsasumwenMaleGod leads me
OsasuyiMaleGod is worthy of adoration
OsatitiUnisexGod is famous
OsatoUnisexGod have mercy
OsatohanmwenFemaleGod have mercy on me
OsawaruMaleIs God that grant and approve our action
OsaweMaleGod approves
OsawemwenzeUnisexGod permitted to make a choice
OsayandeMaleGod owns the day
OsayanmonFemaleGod owns the child
OsayiUnisexGod creation
OsayimwenseUnisexGod created me with perfection
OsayomwanboUnisexIs God that help every one
OsayukiUnisexGod made the moon
OsayuwamenFemaleGod has bless me with prosperity
Osazee; OsazeUnisexGod has chosen and made it possible. Loved by God
OsazemwindeUnisexIs God that decree what is to be
OsazogieFemaleIs God that chose the King
OsazuwaMaleGod blessing
OsekiUnisexGreater than business deals
OselueseFemaleGod, I am grateful
OsemwenMaleMy friend
OsemwengieMaleGiving me the contentment and satisfaction of a King
OsemwenkhaeMaleEnough for me to analyze
OsemwonyenmwenFemaleGiving me the contentment of joyfulness
OsemwungheMaleEnough to make stare
OsenagaUnisexWorthy of adoration
OsetaleUnisexWhat God has ordained
OsevbhoririUnisexEnough to make tremble
OseyiUnisexGod creation
OsoyenmwenFemaleEnough for me to joyful
OsunborMaleOsun spirit and deity can prophesy
OsundeMaleOsun spirit and deity cannot be undo
OsuyiUnisexIs worthy of adoration
OtaborMaleEvening prophesy
OtasowieUnisexMake preparation in youth for golden age
OtibhorFemaleChild make me proud
OtitiUnisexIn vogue
OtoghileMaleThe land does not run away
OtoibhiFemaleOne whose conception or birth is safeguarded
OtokitiUnisexMagnificent land
OvbhokhanUnisexJunior among twins
OvbiogbeUnisexChild of the clan
OvenseriUnisexRadiant of the sun
OviaroboMaleOvia spirit and deity is a doctor
OviasuMaleOvia spirit and deity guide and protect
OviasuyiMaleOvia is worthy of adoration
OviaweMaleOvia chief priest
OwaeghianyeUnisexEnemy within
OyehFemaleWhat is being like
OyevbiminaMaleIt looks like a dream.
OyukiMaleMoon creator
Benin NameUsed ForMeaning
RegieMaleLeadership, Being a leader
SamuMaleGod carried
SatileUnisexNo betting with God
SenagaUnisexEnough to be worship
SeraiUnisexLive it alone
SogieFemaleWorthy to be a leader
SuyiMaleIs respectful
TaiwoUnisexEldest of the twins
TasoMaleGolden years
TegheseFemaleThe time is right
TiyosayiFemaleI believe in God
UbiniMaleThis is Benin
UdaziUnisexGreat Lord
UghegheFemaleI am just watching
UgiagbeMaleOne that cannot be kill
UhunamureUnisexOne that was born with good destiny
UhunomaUnisexOne with good destiny
UjangbeMaleOne whose conception or birth is safe guarded
UkhuegbeUnisexFlawless body
UkineboUnisexRadiant of the moon
UkpelukpeUnisexBeautiful moon
UkponahusiMaleYear of greatness
UlamenFemaleSource of spring water
UlokoMaleSpiritual tree
UsifoMaleAnticipation and pressure is over
UsiobaifoMaleKing’s anticipation and pressure can never be over
UsunobunMaleMultitude of people
UtomwenUnisexLong life
UvbinogbeFemaleOgbe Community princess
UwadiaMaleWealth has been set up
UwafiokunFemaleThe ocean never lack prosperity
UwagboeMaleProsperity has been rooted to blossom
UwaifoMaleProsperity cannot be exhausted
UwailaUnisexProsperity is never late
UwasotaUnisexLong lasting wealth
UwumarogieMaleDeath don’t recognize or spare the King
UyiroMaleRespect is dear and is inexpensive
WoghirenMaleIs up to you
YonameFemaleLet me have this as a gift
YonawanFemaleLearn a lesson
YukiUnisexMoon created
YuwaFemaleCreate wealth
ZayeFemaleBlissful life
ZenaFemaleChosen to be
ZogieFemaleChoose to be a leader
ZonaFemaleI have knowledge of artistry
ZukiMaleChoose the moon
ZusiUnisexChoose to be famous
ZuwaFemaleChoose to be wealthy

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