Verity Bonus Chapter Read Online, Reddit, Pdf Download

The bonus chapter of Verity is an exceptional literary work that has captured the anticipation of readers. Authored by the talented Colleen Hoover, an acclaimed American writer known for her romantic novels and young adult fiction, this book has become incredibly popular. As a result, many eager readers are eagerly waiting to pre-order the book and have the opportunity to delve into the Verity Bonus Chapter online.

When can we expect the release of the Verity bonus chapter?

Mark your calendars for October 18th, 2022, as this is the day when this highly anticipated chapter will be made available. Readers can easily pre-order their copies from various reputable online platforms such as Amazon and Indigo.

Let’s delve into the captivating description of this book. The protagonist, Lowen Ashley, finds herself at a crossroads in her writing career when she receives an extraordinary job offer. Jeremy Crawford, the spouse of bestselling author Verity Crawford, hires Lowen to complete the unfinished novel in Verity’s successful series. Verity, unfortunately, is unable to finish the book due to her incapacitation from an injury.

Verity Bonus Chapter Read Online, Reddit, Pdf Download
Verity Bonus Chapter Read Online, Reddit, Pdf Download

As Lowen enters Verity Crawford’s home, she expects to find an abundance of materials, notes, and outlines that will provide her with enough content to begin her work. However, what she discovers in the cluttered office goes far beyond her expectations. Hidden amidst the disarray is an unfinished autobiography titled Verity, a manuscript never intended for anyone’s eyes.


Page after page, Lowen unravels bone-chilling confessions within Verity’s memoirs, including the haunting recollection of the day her daughter tragically passed away. Recognizing the devastating impact these revelations would have on Jeremy, who is already grieving, Lowen decides to keep the manuscript hidden from him.

Yet, as Lowen’s connection with Jeremy deepens, she realizes the potential benefits of revealing Verity’s words to him. However, by doing so, she risks shattering the fragile remnants of his love for his injured spouse. Regardless of Jeremy’s unwavering devotion, the horrifying truth contained within Verity’s manuscript may make it impossible for him to continue loving her.

For those wondering how they can access Verity online, there are numerous websites available on Google where readers can enjoy this captivating book. Platforms such as Reddit and offer convenient online reading options, providing readers with an immersive experience.

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