Road trip in the vosges du sud haute-saône and territoire

Road trip in the vosges du sud haute-saône and territoire: Vosges du Sud and Haute-Saône, located in northeastern France, provide a variety of experiences for travellers to discover.

The two regions have much to offer everyone, from spectacular natural wonders to charming villages and lively town centres. Discover the hidden gems of Vosges du Sud and Haute-Saône by setting off on a journey through their wonders!

Road trip in the vosges du sud haute-saône and territoire
Road trip in the vosges du sud haute-saône and territoire

Journey Through The Delights Of Vosges Du Sud & Haute-Saône

A wealth of natural and cultural attractions can be found in Vosges du Sud, making it ideal for people with an adventurous spirit. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking through the surrounding forests and kayaking along the Saône or Vologne rivers, which offer breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding area.

Additionally, tourists should explore the area’s cultural landmarks, like the Aboretum des Ballons and the ornate cathedrals that dot the landscape. Be sure to visit the gorgeous lake at Gerardmer while you are in the Vosges du Sud. Here, you may engage in a variety of outdoor activities like fishing, sailing, swimming, and unusual walks.


The region is home to numerous amazing rock climbing locations as well as the notorious Via Ferrata du great Veymont, an exhilarating 900-meter steel wire stretched along a rocky surface. Visit the magnificent Haute-Saône next.

The ‘Venice of the North’, Grey, is a charming town where you can witness beautiful buildings, notably its renowned basilica in the Baroque style. There are also many traditional markets and some of the best restaurants in the area.

A Look at the “Venice of the North” and the Quaint Villages of Haute-Saône

Explore the numerous castles, chapels, and abbeys in the area and take in the distinctive Gothic and Romanesque architecture. You shouldn’t miss the renowned Chaumont Castle with its lovely gardens or the Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache Abbey with its impressive Romanesque cloisters and exquisite ceiling decorations.

Explore the local culture of the area as well, including its lively celebrations, delectable cuisine, and age-old arts and crafts. Enjoy the tranquil environment of Haute-Saône by strolling through the charming towns that are spread throughout it.


Explore the historical district of Château-Salins to learn about the history of salt manufacture, or Perponchon to see the charming homes from the 17th century. And don’t forget to check out the stunning Saône and Beaume sources, which are hidden away in the verdant countryside.


Vosges du Sud and Haute-Saône are visually stunning and provide a wide range of activities for travellers looking for a memorable vacation. Be sure to see the area’s natural wonders, thriving cities, charming villages, and all of its cultural treasures. Vosges du Sud and Haute-Saône excursions are bound to be life-changing journeys.

The Vosges du Sud Haute-Saône & Territoire is no exception to the rule that road journeys are an interesting way to explore a new location. This gorgeous area, which is in eastern France and borders Switzerland, is home to a wealth of historical sites, picturesque valleys, and breath-taking mountain views. Everyone may find something to enjoy here, from hiking routes to skiing slopes.

There are various options to explore for those who enjoy the outdoors. All around the area, from the peak of Mount Ballon to the spectacular summits of the Vosges Mountain Range, there are hiking trails for every skill level. For those who enjoy the winter months, ski slopes offer fluffy snow, and there are numerous lakes, rivers, and streams where you can go swimming or fishing. The region comes to life in the summer with sunlit woodlands and meadows studded with wildflowers.


The numerous historic sites in the area will fascinate history aficionados. You can reach the impressive Turck Castle, a historic fortification that dominates the skyline, by taking a short drive north of Colmar. The La Petite Pierre Ruins, located a little further south, provide information on the feudal history of the area. Of course, everyone interested in military history must visit the famous Vosges War Memorial, which is devoted to the troops who died in the First World War.

There are several of road trips you can do in this area if you’re searching for something more strenuous. If you’re in the area, you absolutely must go across the Vosges Pass, which is a breathtaking route with sweeping curves. The quaint community of Rambervillers in the south serves as the starting point for a number of bicycle routes that traverse through stunning scenery.

The Vosges du Sud Haute-Saône and Territoire won’t let you down whether you’re searching for an outdoor adventure, some history and culture, or just a quiet weekend away in one of the most picturesque areas in France. It’s the ideal place for a road trip because there is something there for everyone.

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