Top 10 most expensive midfielder transfers of the 90s century

The 1990s marked a significant transformation in football, characterized by exorbitant transfer fees and the rise of midfield virtuosos who commanded staggering price tags. This article delves into the past to uncover the top ten most expensive midfielder transfers of the 90s era.

From mesmerizing playmakers to tireless box-to-box engines, these players left an enduring imprint on the game, forever altering the dynamics of football transfers.

Zinedine Zidane

Juventus to Real Madrid (2001): In 2001, Zinedine Zidane made headlines with his jaw-dropping €77.5 million transfer from Juventus to Real Madrid, shattering the previous world record. The French magician would lead the Galacticos to numerous triumphs, leaving an indomitable legacy behind.

Luis Figo

Barcelona to Real Madrid (2000): Luis Figo’s controversial move from Barcelona to Real Madrid in 2000 sent shockwaves throughout the footballing world. The Portuguese maestro’s €60 million transfer grabbed headlines and intensified the rivalry between the two Spanish giants.


Christian Vieri

Lazio to Inter Milan (1999): In 1999, Inter Milan broke the bank to secure Christian Vieri’s services from Lazio in a deal worth €46.5 million. Vieri’s imposing presence and prolific goal-scoring ability made him a highly coveted asset for Inter Milan.

Pavel Nedvěd

Lazio to Juventus (2001): Juventus splashed out €41.2 million to acquire the talents of Czech midfielder Pavel Nedvěd from Lazio. Nedvěd’s grace, vision, and thunderous strikes were instrumental in Juventus’ success during his tenure at the club.

Edgar Davids

AC Milan to Juventus (1997): Dutch powerhouse Edgar Davids switched allegiances from AC Milan to Juventus in a €26.5 million transfer in 1997. Known for his iconic dreadlocks and relentless work ethic, Davids became an indispensable figure in Juventus’ midfield.

Clarence Seedorf

Sampdoria to Real Madrid (1996): Real Madrid secured the services of the gifted Dutch midfielder Clarence Seedorf for €25 million in 1996. Seedorf’s technical ability and versatility made him a vital cog in Real Madrid’s engine room.


Juan Sebastián Verón

Lazio to Manchester United (2001): Manchester United made a significant statement by splurging €25 million to bring Juan Sebastián Verón from Lazio to the English Premier League. Verón’s creative flair and exceptional passing range were expected to transform United’s midfield, but his time at Old Trafford was met with mixed success.

Robert Pirès

Marseille to Arsenal (2000): Arsenal acquired the services of the highly talented French playmaker Robert Pirès from Marseille for €17 million in 2000. Pirès’ sublime skills and almost telepathic understanding with his teammates were pivotal in Arsenal’s success during the early 2000s.

Paul Gascoigne

Lazio to Rangers (1995): Paul Gascoigne’s €8.5 million move from Lazio to Rangers 1995 captivated football fans worldwide. The enigmatic Englishman brought a touch of flair and unpredictability to the Scottish Premiership.

Emmanuel Petit

AS Monaco to Arsenal (1997): Emmanuel Petit’s transfer from AS Monaco to Arsenal for €7.5 million in 1997 was a stroke of genius for both player and club. The French midfielder formed a formidable partnership with Patrick Vieira, integral to Arsenal’s ‘Double’ triumph during the 1997-98 season.

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