Joao felix has already disclosed his ideal position amid speculation over a transfer to manchester united

Joao Felix, the talented Portuguese footballer, has been making headlines in recent months due to ongoing transfer speculation linking him to Manchester United. As the rumors continue to swirl, Felix has spoken out about his ideal position on the field, shedding light on his preferred role and where he feels he can contribute most effectively. In this article, we will delve into Felix’s recent comments, explore the transfer speculation surrounding him, and analyze the potential impact of his potential move to Manchester United.


Before we dive into the details, let’s provide some background information on Joao Felix. Born November 10, 1999, in Viseu, Portugal, Felix quickly rose through the youth academy at his local club, Os Pestinhas. His exceptional talent caught the attention of scouts from Benfica, one of Portugal’s most prestigious football clubs, and he made his professional debut for Benfica’s senior team in August 2018.

Joao Felix’s Ideal Position Revealed

In a recent interview, Joao Felix revealed his ideal position on the field. The young midfielder said he feels most comfortable playing as an attacking midfielder, just behind the striker. He emphasized that this role allows him to showcase his creative abilities, vision, and goal-scoring instincts. Felix believes his playmaking skills and ability to link up with the forward line make him a valuable asset in this position.


Transfer Speculation

With his exceptional performances at Benfica and subsequent move to Atletico Madrid, it was only a matter of time before transfer speculation began to swirl around Joao Felix. Numerous top European clubs have reportedly shown interest in acquiring his services, with Manchester United being one of the frontrunners. The English club has been seeking to bolster their attacking options, and Felix’s potential arrival would undoubtedly add a new dimension to their squad.

Manchester United’s Interest

Manchester United’s interest in Joao Felix has been widely reported. The club’s management recognizes the young Portuguese star’s immense potential and sees him as a long-term investment. Felix’s technical skills, agility, and versatility align with Manchester United’s attacking philosophy, making him an attractive prospect for the Red Devils.

Joao Felix’s Playing Style

To understand why Manchester United and other top clubs are vying for Joao Felix’s signature, it’s important to delve into his playing style. Felix is known for his exceptional dribbling ability, close control, and agility, allowing him to navigate tight spaces and evade defenders. His vision and passing accuracy enable him to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. Additionally, Felix possesses a lethal shot and excellent goal-scoring instincts, making him a potent threat in front of the net.

Current Position

Joao Felix has primarily played as a forward or a winger at Atletico Madrid. While he has shown glimpses of his talent in these positions, he has expressed his desire to play as an attacking midfielder, where he believes he can make the greatest impact. However, Felix has also showcased his versatility by adapting to different positions, showcasing his ability to contribute effectively wherever he is deployed.


Ideal Position

Joao Felix’s preference for playing as an attacking midfielder stems from his natural inclination to create and score goals. He can utilize his technical skills, vision, and creativity to orchestrate the team’s attacking plays in this role. Felix thrives in a position where he can influence the game, linking the midfield with the forward line and creating opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Joao Felix’s Future

Considering Joao Felix’s ideal position, it becomes crucial to assess his prospects. If he were to move to Manchester United or any other club that offers him the desired role, he would likely flourish and reach new heights in his career. However, it ultimately depends on the negotiations between the involved parties and the willingness of his current club to let go of their prized asset.

Potential Transfer to Manchester United

While transfer negotiations can be complex and unpredictable, the possibility of Joao Felix joining Manchester United cannot be disregarded. Manchester United’s pursuit of the young Portuguese star indicates their seriousness about strengthening their squad. If the deal materializes, it would undoubtedly be a significant boost for both parties, as Felix’s talents would mesh well with Manchester United’s attacking style.

Impact on Manchester United

If Joao Felix were to join Manchester United, his arrival would have a transformative impact on the club. His creative abilities, goal-scoring prowess, and versatility would give Manchester United an added dimension to their attacking play. Felix’s presence would increase competition for places and elevate the team’s overall quality, potentially propelling them to greater success in domestic and international competitions.



In conclusion, Joao Felix has already disclosed his ideal position on the field as an attacking midfielder. Amidst ongoing transfer speculation linking him to Manchester United, Felix’s preferred role sheds light on his aspirations and where he believes he can contribute most effectively. As negotiations continue and the future unfolds, football fans worldwide eagerly await the outcome of this potential transfer saga.

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