Latest ministry of water resources mowr new jobs 2023

The Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) has recently unveiled new job opportunities for the year 2023. These employment options are advertised on various platforms, including the official MoWR website and job portals such as Individuals interested in working in the water resources sector and possessing the required qualifications and experience are invited to apply.

Latest ministry of water resources mowr new jobs 2023
Latest ministry of water resources mowr new jobs 2023

MoWR Employment Opportunities

The MoWR has announced several job positions for 2023, encompassing roles for engineers, geologists, hydrologists, and an administrative team. These positions are contract-based, and selected candidates will receive a competitive salary package based on their qualifications and experience. Successful candidates will be expected to undertake diverse projects related to water resources, such as irrigation, flood control, and hydropower.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for MoWR jobs may vary depending on the position. However, applicants generally must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Relevant work experience, as specified in the job advertisement, is also mandatory. Prospective applicants must thoroughly review the job advertisement to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements.

Application Process

Candidates can apply for MoWR jobs through the official MoWR website or job portals like They must complete an online application form and submit their resume and other relevant documents. It is essential for applicants to diligently fill out the application form, ensuring that all the provided information is accurate. Additionally, it is recommended to keep a copy of the application and supporting documents for future reference.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the deadline for submitting applications for MoWR jobs? A: The application submission deadline varies depending on the specific job position. Applicants should refer to the job advertisement to determine the final application deadline.

Q: Are these positions permanent? A: No, these positions are offered on a contractual basis.

Q: What is the salary package for these jobs? A: The salary package for these positions varies based on the job role and the candidate’s qualifications and experience. However, selected candidates will receive a competitive salary package.

Q: Can I apply for multiple positions? A: Yes, applicants can apply for multiple positions if they meet the eligibility criteria for each respective position.


Q: Is there an application fee? A: No, there is no application fee for these jobs.

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