Joao Felix Opens Up on Ideal Position Amid MUFC Rumours

Joao Felix, the talented Portuguese star, has recently been linked with a potential move to Manchester United. Amidst the ongoing transfer rumors, the 19-year-old Atletico Madrid striker has shared insights into his preferred position on the field. He has expressed his aspirations and defined the role he wants to fulfill when he makes his anticipated next move.

Disclosing his ideal position amidst the speculation surrounding his potential transfer to Manchester United, Joao Felix has already shed light on his desired role on the pitch.

As a Striker: Joao Felix, the young player from Atletico Madrid, has unveiled his preference for acting as the highest winger on the pitch. With exceptional technical abilities and a talent for long-distance shooting, he possesses the accuracy required for this advanced position.

Adept Link-up Player: Felix also enjoys assuming the role of a link-up player, utilizing his extraordinary technical prowess to create attacking strategies by connecting with his teammates. This position lets him maintain better control over the ball, particularly closer to the goal.


Skilled Counter-Attacker: Felix feels comfortable as a counter-attacker, capitalizing on his impressive speed and surprising defenses with quick one-two passing maneuvers. This particular position allows him to leverage his agility and shooting accuracy effectively.

Given his diverse skill set, it is no surprise that Felix has specified the positions that suit him best. His remarkable combination of talents has the potential to enhance any team fortunate enough to acquire him.

While it remains uncertain which teams will ultimately come forward to bid for the young Portuguese international, one thing is clear: Joao Felix possesses the talent and confidence to make a significant impact wherever he plays. Let us hope that his performances in the future continue to be as impressive, if not more so.

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