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In the vast realm of online shopping, exercising caution and being aware of potential scams are paramount. One particular website that has garnered suspicion is haileyloc.com. In this article, we delve into an in-depth website analysis to provide valuable insights into its trustworthiness, helping you make informed decisions.

Trust Score and Analysis

Upon conducting a meticulous trust score assessment, haileyloc.com needs a higher rating of 31 out of 100. This rating is determined by a sophisticated algorithm that considers several crucial factors, such as the server’s location, availability of contact details, and ratings from reputable review sites.

Positive Highlights


While haileyloc.com raises concerns, it’s crucial to acknowledge some positive highlights. Notably, DNSFilter, a trusted website, labels haileyloc.com as safe. Furthermore, the website has undergone malware and phishing checks conducted by Flashstart, which affirm that it doesn’t pose an immediate security threat.

Negative Highlights

Despite the positive aspects, haileyloc.com exhibits some worrisome signs. Firstly, the website owner’s identity remains hidden in the WHOIS database, which can be cause for concern. Moreover, the Tranco rank, which gauges website traffic, is comparatively low compared to other websites originating from the same country. Additionally, the registrar associated with haileyloc.com is known to have connections with scammers. Lastly, the website is relatively new, implying a need for an established reputation.

Consumer Reviews


At present, ScamAdviser.com does not host any consumer reviews for haileyloc.com. This scarcity of reviews adds to the overall uncertainty surrounding the website.

Important Facts about haileyloc.com

Haileyloc.com emerged on the internet only a few days ago, making it a relatively new entity. The domain registration information is concealed, making it arduous to pinpoint the website’s owner. Additionally, the website is associated with an organization named “Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf,” located in Reykjavik, Iceland.



Considering the gathered information, haileyloc.com raises significant concerns regarding its trustworthiness. With a low trust score, obscured ownership information, and ties to a registrar associated with scammers, caution is strongly advised when engaging with this website. We recommend conducting thorough research and exercising discretion before making any transactions or divulging personal information on haileyloc.com.


It’s important to note that the analysis presented here is based on the available information and should not be considered a definitive judgment. We encourage users to conduct their due diligence and make well-informed decisions.

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