How to start a business the24business

Starting a business can sometimes require a hefty investment. While it’s true that money can help, there are numerous opportunities to launch and grow a successful startup with minimal or no capital. This article will explore 12 business ideas that can be pursued even on a shoestring budget. We have included two valuable gifts to assist your business growth as a token of appreciation for reading this article.

How to start a business the24business
How to start a business the24business

Start a Niche Website

If you have less than five hundred dollars to spare, you can venture into creating a niche website. By conducting thorough research, working hard, and implementing effective marketing strategies, your website has the potential to evolve into a lucrative venture. Consider focusing on niches such as electricians review directories, healthy food producers directories, or small businesses directories. While starting locally is an option, expanding nationally or internationally can broaden your opportunities. Once you have established an audience, you can contact businesses and professionals to list in your directory, offering premium listings at varying monthly rates.

Delivery Business

In a world where communication predominantly occurs through emails and phone calls, a significant demand remains for reliable delivery services. Individuals and businesses often require the transportation of parcels, checks, food, and other items within tight schedules. You can fulfill these needs and earn a substantial income by positioning yourself as an errand runner. Whether you opt for a bike or skating gear, ensure your mode of transport is in good condition. Platforms like Uber, Glovo, DoorDash, and others can help you find clients in your area.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing provides an excellent opportunity to earn by promoting and recommending products to potential buyers. You can engage in this online venture with just a mobile phone and an internet connection. Many affiliate programs offer attractive commissions, ranging from 5% to 40% of the sale. You can increase your earnings by signing up for multiple programs and focusing on the ones that perform best. Remember to avoid spamming, as it could result in account suspension.



Blogging is a popular and rewarding way to earn money from the comfort of your home. Choose a profitable niche, start a blog, and monetize it to generate revenue. While it requires effort, persistence, and the ability to produce high-quality content, blogging can be financially rewarding. Initially, most bloggers earn around five hundred to two thousand dollars monthly. However, with time, dedication, and a loyal audience, monthly earnings can soar to twenty thousand dollars or more. Monetization strategies include affiliate marketing, selling advertising space, creating paid courses, and eventually selling the blog.

Start an E-commerce Site

Setting up an e-commerce store has always been challenging. Thanks to platforms like Shopify, you can launch a virtual shop with minimal investment. You can have your store with just 45 pounds for a domain name and 30 per month for Shopify.

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