Edhec trains professionals ethical issues of ai data techshanbd.com

The certification course titled “Digital Ethics Officer – Management of Ethical and Legal Issues of AI and Data,” offered by the renowned Edhec Augmented Law Institute and its esteemed partners is a comprehensive training program designed for technology professionals and lawyers. This course focuses on the essential aspects of data rights and AI applications. The training is conducted virtually, and the inaugural batch will commence in the spring of 2022.

Edhec trains professionals ethical issues of ai data techshanbd.com
Edhec trains professionals ethical issues of ai data techshanbd.com

Developing Digital Law Expertise in France

In France, the field of digital law is steadily growing, and there is an increasing demand for qualified professionals. Previously, the ESMD provided corporate lawyers with training in digital law. Now, the Edhec Augmented Law Institute, in collaboration with the French Association of Corporate Lawyers and prominent experts such as Seraphin. Legal, Govern&Law, and IDFRights, present the “Digital Ethics Officer” course. This program caters to professionals from various sectors, including private, public, and non-profit organizations, involved in law, digital technology, business development, or management roles related to ethics, digitalization, and artificial intelligence. The target audience encompasses legal specialists, jurists, lawyers, DPOs (Data Protection Officers), consultants, and digital experts.

Course Objectives: Understanding Fundamental Digital Rights

The primary objective of this certification course is to enhance participants’ understanding of the fundamental rights of digital, data, and AI domains. Key topics covered include privacy, prevention of arbitrary treatment, and tackling algorithmic discrimination. Moreover, the course aims to equip professionals with concrete solutions for governance, present-day regulatory context, anticipated regulatory changes, and implementing projects in compliance with ethical guidelines. Delivered in both French and English, the program adopts a virtual teaching mode, offering 24 hours of online training spread across 16 workshops, each lasting 1.5 hours, conducted during lunchtime, over four months. Additionally, three on-site masterclasses/conferences are organized in Paris, accessible via streaming, and feature speakers from both professional and academic realms.

Double Certification with Edhec Business School

Upon completing this course, participants will have the expertise to engage with decision-makers, engineers, programmers, and other organizational stakeholders. Their role will involve ensuring the ethical dimension of data and AI projects. Graduates will possess the skills to conduct ethical audits, draft specifications that align with ethical standards, identify and address unsustainable ethical practices, and manage ethical challenges at an organizational strategic level. Furthermore, after completing the program, participants will receive a certification from Edhec Augmented Law Institute – Edhec Business School (ALLL 2). Showcasing their proficiency in this domain within the job market will be highly advantageous.


Eligibility and Prerequisites

To be eligible for this certification course, candidates must have basic or advanced knowledge of data protection regulations, big data, and data analysis. However, practical experience in working with legal texts is sufficient, and a background in law is optional. On the other hand, a robust digital culture and a minimum level of terminology knowledge in AI and IT are essential prerequisites for enrolling in this training program. For specific details regarding the course fees, interested individuals are encouraged to request a quote from the school.

In conclusion, the “Digital Ethics Officer” certification course offered by the Edhec Augmented Law Institute and its partners presents an unparalleled opportunity for professionals from diverse sectors to gain valuable insights into digital rights and AI ethics. Through a well-structured virtual learning experience and the guidance of expert speakers, participants can equip themselves with the necessary skills and certifications to excel in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

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