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10 weird things covered by home insurance sleekfood.com, When protecting our homes, having a comprehensive home insurance policy is a must. Most people understand that home insurance covers common perils like fire, theft, and natural disasters, but did you know that some policies also protect against unexpected and downright bizarre incidents? This article’ll explore ten weird things surprisingly covered by home insurance. From peculiar accidents to unexplained phenomena, these unexpected coverage areas offer homeowners peace of mind in the face of the unexpected.

Alien Abduction

While the likelihood of encountering extraterrestrial beings may seem far-fetched, some insurance companies offer coverage for the rare alien abduction event. This peculiar provision may include compensation for medical expenses, psychological support, and even property damage that might occur during such an event.

Falling Space Debris

The idea of space debris crashing into your home might seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it has happened in the past. Surprisingly, specific home insurance policies cover damages caused by falling space debris, including satellites or meteorites that find their way to Earth.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing concern in the digital age, and some home insurance policies now include coverage for expenses related to identity theft restoration. This coverage may help you recover lost funds, hire legal assistance, and restore your credit score after falling victim to identity theft.


Pet Liability

While standard liability coverage is typical in home insurance, specific policies go a step further by offering protection against pet-related incidents. Whether your beloved Fido accidentally damages someone else’s property or causes an injury, this coverage can be a lifesaver.


Sinkholes are natural phenomena that can suddenly appear and swallow parts of your property. Fortunately, some home insurance policies offer coverage for sinkhole-related damages, providing financial assistance to repair the structural and landscape damage caused by these unexpected holes.

Zombie Apocalypse

Although it may seem like pure fiction, some imaginative insurance providers have introduced coverage for a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. While it’s a playful addition, having coverage for such an improbable event might comfort horror enthusiasts.

Stolen Art

Art lovers can rejoice, as specific home insurance policies cover the theft of valuable art pieces. Whether you own a priceless painting or a valuable sculpture, this coverage can help you recover financially if your beloved artwork is stolen.


Riot-Induced Damage

Instances of civil unrest and riots can result in significant property damage. Thankfully, some home insurance policies include coverage for damages caused by rioting, providing financial support to repair and rebuild in turbulent times.

Power Surge Damage

Electrical appliances are susceptible to power surges, which can cause irreversible damage. Some home insurance policies offer protection against power surge-related damages, ensuring you don’t have to replace your valuable electronics.

Volcanic Eruptions

While most standard home insurance policies cover damages from fire, some go the extra mile by covering losses caused by volcanic eruptions. Homeowners residing in volcanic regions can have peace of mind knowing that their insurance policy protects them against this unique natural disaster.


Home insurance is not just about protecting against the usual suspects like fire and theft. As demonstrated by the ten weird things covered in this article, some policies offer protection against unexpected and bizarre incidents. From alien abductions to volcanic eruptions, these provisions give homeowners a sense of security, even in the face of the most unlikely events.10 weird things covered by home insurance sleekfood.com



  1. Does every home insurance policy cover these weird incidents? Not all home insurance policies cover the ten weird things mentioned in this article. It’s essential to carefully review your policy or speak with your insurance provider to understand what is covered.
  2. Are premiums higher for policies covering these unique events? Yes, policies that cover peculiar incidents may have slightly higher premiums. The cost depends on various factors, including your location and the level of coverage you choose.
  3. Can I make multiple claims for different bizarre events? Generally, insurance policies have limits and exclusions for specific events. It’s crucial to read your policy and understand the terms and conditions to know if multiple claims are possible.
  4. What should I do if I encounter a bizarre event not covered by my policy? If you experience a bizarre incident not covered by your home insurance policy, you may not be able to claim for it. However, contacting your insurance provider to discuss your situation is recommended.
  5. Is there a limit to the coverage amount for unusual incidents? Yes, most policies have coverage limits for specific events. Review your policy and understand the maximum coverage available for each unique provision.

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