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If you’re seeking a reliable source of information on business intelligence (BI) tools and best practices, Roi bi might have caught your attention. This website claims to provide valuable insights and tips on leveraging data for business success. In this comprehensive review, we will assess the credibility and quality of based on various essential criteria.

Domain Name

Let’s start by examining the domain name. is a subdomain of, a registered domain by PT Tekno Sentrik Indonesia, a reputable company offering IT solutions and services since 2010. With offices in Jakarta and Bandung, this suggests that is not a random or fake website but an established and credible company extension.

The Content

Next, let’s delve into the content provided on Roi bi The website offers several articles covering various BI topics, including data governance, data visualization, cloud-based BI tools, and report generation. Authored by the admin, presumably a PT Tekno Sentrik Indonesia member, these articles are regularly updated, providing detailed information and real-world examples and screenshots of BI tools and processes. Structured with subheadings and bullet points, the content is informative and easy to follow.

SEO-friendliness demonstrates a commendable level of SEO-friendliness. The website employs clear and relevant keywords in its titles and headings, such as “The ROI of Business Intelligence,” “How To Generating Business Reports with BI Tools,” and “Business Intelligence Best Practices,” enhancing its visibility on search engines and attracting more interested visitors. Moreover, the website’s user-friendly and fast-loading design contributes to its SEO performance.


Summary Points

To get a holistic view of, consider the following summary points:

Content Quality:

  • The content quality of is exceptional.
  • Articles are well-written, informative, and relevant to the target audience.
  • Topics encompass various aspects of BI tools, providing practical tips and examples.
  • Regular updates ensure the content remains up-to-date with the latest trends in the BI field.
  • Articles are both SEO-friendly and easily scannable.


  • The website’s design is simple yet effective, boasting a professional and trustworthy appearance.
  • Utilizing a white background with blue accents enhances the brand identity.
  • Responsiveness allows seamless access across different screen sizes and devices.
  • User-friendly navigation with a menu bar and sidebar enhances the browsing experience.


  •’s usability is commendable.
  • The website loads swiftly without broken links or errors.
  • A search function facilitates quick access to specific topics or keywords.
  • The comment section encourages user interaction and feedback on articles.
  • Social media buttons enable easy sharing of articles across various platforms.


  • The website’s credibility is moderately strong.
  • The About page provides information about the author and their credentials.
  • Enhancing credibility could involve adding a profile picture and links to the author’s social media accounts or other websites.
  • Testimonials or reviews from users or experts would further solidify the website’s reputation.


To further enhance’s credibility and appeal, consider implementing the following suggestions:

  • To establish trustworthiness, incorporate a profile picture and links to the author’s social media accounts or other websites.
  • Showcase testimonials or reviews from users or experts to highlight the website’s value proposition.
  • Introduce more visual elements such as images, videos, or infographics to engage the articles visually.
  • Include an email newsletter subscription option to build an email list and foster customer loyalty.


In conclusion, is a valuable and informative resource for those seeking insights into BI tools and their potential impact on business growth. The website’s high-quality content, user-friendly design, and excellent usability make it a perfect choice for anyone interested in this subject matter. While already trustworthy, the website could further elevate its credibility and attract more visitors by implementing the suggested improvements.

I trust you found this review insightful. Should you have any inquiries or comments regarding or BI in general, please leave them below.

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