Bahrain polytechnic admission deadlines 2023-2024

Bahrain polytechnic admission deadlines 2023-2024, 7th March to 8th June 2022: Online Application and Document Upload 

During this period, applicants must apply online and upload the necessary documents. To ensure eligibility, candidates must check if they meet the Entry Requirements. The Online Admission Application can be completed through the Self Service Banner “SSB for Applicants.” Additionally, all applicants for Visual Design must submit a portfolio in accordance with the Portfolio Guidelines.

20th March to 7th July 2022

 Entry Tests Applicants are requested to sit for the General Math and English Entry Tests, as indicated on their Test Appointment card, which will be sent to the email used during the application process.


Interviews may be required for some applicants, and the dates and times for these interviews will be communicated via email.

21st July 2022: 

Offers Announcement Offers will be available on the website, and applicants will receive a decision notification via email on this date.

21st to 27th July 2022:


 Confirming Offers for Round 1 Successful applicants from Round 1 must accept the offer within the specified dates mentioned in the offer letter. Please confirm acceptance within this time frame to be considered a rejection of the request by the applicant. If you are located outside Bahrain and need guidance on accepting offers, please refer to the “Confirming Offers” section on the website. Payment of the confirmation fee is mandatory.

27th July – 1st August 2022

 Confirming Offers for Round 2 Applicants successful in Round 2 must accept the offer within the period specified in the offer letter. Bids must be established during this time to be accepted by the applicant. For instructions on getting requests from outside Bahrain, please check the “Confirming Offers” section on the website. Payment of the confirmation fee is required.

TBA: New Degree Students SSB Registration Tutorial, New Degree students are invited to attend a tutorial on course registration. The specific time and venue details will be provided to students upon confirmation.


TBA: Orientation week will be conducted for new students, and the dates and times of the activities will be communicated to students upon confirmation. All new students are required to attend the Orientation day starting from 8.30 am.

New Foundation students have been invited to a tutorial on logging into emails and SSB to view their timetable and student records.


Classes Begin Classes for Semester 1, 2022-22, will commence on the date specified in the Academic Calendar.


Note: Bahrain Polytechnic reserves the right to amend these dates as necessary.Bahrain polytechnic admission deadlines 2023-2024

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