USA visa sample invitation letter format for any visa category 2023/2024

A US Visa Letter of Invitation assures the U.S. government that the individual you invite will stay for a short period and, most importantly, be financially supported during their visit.

The Importance of a USA Visa Invitation Letter

While a USA Visa Letter of Invitation is not mandatory for a B2 visa application (a tourist visa to the United States), it is highly recommended. To be valid, the host must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  2. Have a personal relationship with the invitee, such as a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or relative.
  3. Possess a registered residence, like a home or flat, with enough room for the applicant.

Reasons for Needing a USA Visa Invitation Letter

Though not obligatory, the USA Visa invitation letter is beneficial if you are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident and wish to invite a relative or friend to visit the United States as a tourist on a B-2 visa.

Challenges in Obtaining a U.S. Tourist Visa

The difficulty in obtaining a U.S. tourist visa stems from concerns about individuals who misuse their visa and overstay their permitted time there. The letter of invitation plays a crucial role in addressing these concerns.


Conditions Required For a Valid Tourist Visa

To ensure the USA Visa Letter of Invitation is valid, you must apply for a B2 visa, indicating that the purpose of your visit is tourism. The following conditions must be met for the letter to be effective:

  1. The Host must be a lawful permanent resident or a U.S. citizen.
  2. The Host and the invitee must have a personal relationship, such as being friends or relatives.
  3. The Host must have adequate accommodation for the invitee during their stay.

How to Write a Letter of Invitation for a U.S. Visa

Writing a letter of invitation for a U.S. visa may seem daunting, but it is a straightforward process. The letter should be addressed to the consular officer or the Visitor, and the guest should ensure to include all necessary information:

Host’s Information:

  • Full name of the Host.
  • Date of birth of the Host.
  • Address and contact details of the host in the United States.
  • Occupation of the host.
  • Status of the host in the United States.
  • Photocopy of a document validating the Host’s status in the country.

Guest’s Information:

  • Full name of the guest.
  • Date of birth of the guest.
  • Address and telephone number of the guest.
  • Relationship of the guest to the host.
  • Purpose of the trip.
  • Specific dates of the intended stay in the country.
  • Details on accommodation and living expenses.


The host should sign the letter.

Personal Tone and Inclusion of Information

When addressed to the guest, the letter should adopt a more personal tone to convey a close relationship. Ensure all the information above is included to make the letter acceptable for the visa application.


Additional Documents

Though the letter of invitation is not compulsory, the host can show consideration by providing additional documents along with the letter:

  1. A scanned copy of the host’s I.D./passport.
  2. Evidence of means of subsistence, especially if the host financially supports the guest.
  3. Proof of home/flat ownership or rental contract.
  4. Flight itinerary for U.S. visa application (a dummy ticket can be submitted as proof of flight itinerary).
  5. Affidavit of Support (USCIS Form I-134) if the host intends to support the guest financially.

Sample Letter of Invitation Addressed to the Consular Officer


United States Consulate General [Address of the Consulate]

Dear Honorable Consul,


[Visitor’s Name] – PASSPORT NO XXXXXXXX – Born on [Visitor’s Date of Birth]

My name is [Host’s Name], I live at [Host’s Address], and I am a U.S. citizen (or lawful permanent resident alien).

I am writing to request that you issue a tourist (B-2) visa to [Visitor’s Name] of [Visitor’s Address]. This allows him to come to the United States to see me. We’ve known and been friends for three years, and I’d like him to visit me this summer.

[Visitor’s Name] will be with me from [Entry Date] to [Exit Date]. This will be a fantastic time because we will both be off work. He/she will live with me at the address mentioned above during his/her stay in the United States.


I will be responsible for his/her lodging expenses while in the United States. He/she will return to [Visitor’s Hometown] at the end of his/her visit.

[Visitor’s Name] will present you with this letter, along with other evidence, to establish his close ties with [Visitor’s Home Country] and to assure you that he/she will return before his/her stay in the United States expires.

Your thoughtful consideration of this request will be greatly appreciated.

Yours Truly, [Host’s Name] [Host’s Address] [Host’ Phone Number] [Host’sHost’s signature]


Sample Letter of Invitation Addressed to the Guest

[Date] [Host’sHost’s name] [Full address] USA Phone Numbers: (Work): [(xxx) xxx-xxxx] (Home): [(xxx) xxx-xxxx] Email: [email address]

To: [Visitor’s name] [Visitor’s Address]

Dear [Visitor],

I cordially invite you to visit us and spend your vacation in the United States with us. We intend to visit well-known tourist attractions such as [name of tourist attractions to visit]. It will also allow you to see and experience American culture and lifestyle.


I will handle all your USA tour expenses, including round-trip airfare, food, lodging, medical insurance, and other personal expenses.

I am enclosing all necessary documents for obtaining a tourist visa from the U.S. Consulate, [Name of U.S. Consulate, e.g. Mumbai Consulate].

Sincerely, [Host‘sHost‘s name] [Host’sHost’s signature]

Other Things to Include in the Letter

When writing the letter of invitation, consider including the following documents as they may be required:

  1. A copy (scan) of the Host’sHost’s I.D. or valid passport.
  2. Evidence of funds if the HostHost will be supporting the guest financially.
  3. Proof of shelter, such as flat ownership or a rental contract.
  4. An Affidavit of Support (USCIS Form I-134) if the HostHost will financially support the guest.
  5. Flight itinerary for the U.S. visa application. Dummy tickets can be submitted as proof of flight itinerary.

With the samples provided above, crafting a compelling letter for your visa application should be much easier. Good luck!

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