Tunercult car giveaway legit

Tunercult car giveaway legit: There appear to be giveaway businesses everywhere: Eighty80, TunerCult, Diesel Brothers, RideClutch, and others. Naturally, a little healthy skepticism doesn’t hurt because these companies claim to be giving away cars worth between $30,000 and $300,000. Currently, we’ve already discussed RideClutch and shown that they are authentic and secure to use. They actually do give away motorcycles, but today we’d want to focus on TunerCult, and more particularly, “BikerCult,” a sibling business they founded in the sport bike industry.

Tunercult car giveaway legit
Tunercult car giveaway legit

A site for automobile giveaways, BikerCult shared the same concept as TunerCult. When you purchase merchandise, you are given entries into the drawing, and one winner is ultimately chosen. We keep an eye on the radar because we work in the motorcycle industry, and BikerCult suddenly appeared with a barrage of adverts. An image of one of their advertisement videos, which is still visible on their Facebook page as of this writing (10 February 2022), is provided below.TunerCult BikerCult: Legit or a Scam?

As you can see, they had a Ducati and $20,000 in cash when they started. Okay, everything appears to be in order? However, there were warning signs on the website beforehand. For instance, the website stated that “Biker Cult was launched in early 2005…” although the trademark application wasn’t made until October 19, 2020. Less than a month later, they created their website and social media accounts. In their defense, they DO state that 2005 was the year it was first utilized commercially.

There is no way to confirm this because they have locked their website and destroyed their Instagram, leaving us with only access to their Facebook (which will likely quietly vanish after this piece is published). However, we did film a video of their “About Us” page and the information about the trademark owner in our ever-so-wise foresight. Mohammad Lutfi is the proprietor of the trademark for this dubious enterprise. Owner of TunerCult is the same person or organization.


Who now took home the Ducati? That’s a wonderful question, and what do you know? We are unable to respond to it. Because they opt not to publicly display their victories for whatever murky reason. On TunerCult, winners and their social media handles are readily announced on their Facebook, Instagram, and website. It’s not the same with BikerCult. If you were on Instagram during the 30 minutes they were active, you would have known because they claimed they would make the announcement live on the platform. The rest is stillness. Can someone at least let me know whether they have announced the winner or not?, someone asked on Facebook. The response read, “someone named Josh from Colorado.” It is nevertheless impossible to confirm this given the removal of all other social media. Another commenter questioned why the winner couldn’t be announced on Facebook or your website. What in the world? Which almost negates the earlier remark on whether a winner was truly named or not. The only thing for certain is that there has never been a Facebook winner announcement. They immediately moved on to freebie #2.

Second, it’s obvious.
The second freebie failed to give this allegedly overnight pop-up/take down any more confidence. The intended model was a 2020 BMW S1000RR M Sport. The MSRP of a bike in the US is $16,999* plus $20,000 in cash. for a combined cash and prize value of $36,999. The deadline to enter this contest, which began on January 1 and lasted for two weeks, was February 14.

They post a wrap-up video on February 18, 2021, stating that it will take 4-5 days to receive the winner’s name and that they will go live to announce the winner. The shocking part is that they never actually did.

Mohammad Lutfi (@MoCult on Instagram) made this video (screen grab above) 10 DAYS AFTER ENTRIES CLOSED and reported that they were STILL waiting on the sweepstakes company. Apparently, people began bombarding their DMs wondering who the winner was. We know without a doubt that the time it takes for the sweepstakes firms to provide you with the winner list is not ten days after speaking with, cooperating closely with, and researching other legal giveaway companies. Typically, it takes a few business days. The same emotion is echoed in all of the comments on Mo’s update video. anger, perplexity, and a sense of being duped. Mohammad (Mo) Lutfi routinely uploads images of his Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Lamborghini SVJ, Ferrari 488 Pista, and other exotic cars, which only serves to aggravate the situation. So why can’t he complete the $36,999 gift but can keep buying these cars that cost a quarter of a million dollars or more? He seems to have started this company, made a few sales of merchandise, and then vanished in the night with a cartoonishly large bag of people’s money without ever being held accountable.


Having said all of that, TunerCult itself is not discussed in this. However, knowing about a previous pop-up company that vanished, leaving just the remnant of a Facebook page created under the same guy’s name, can undoubtedly help you be better informed about the risks you’re taking. Perhaps Mo’s car giveaways are real. Then again, maybe they won’t be real until he gets his money back. I can’t say for sure, but I do know that if the rug were removed, I wouldn’t want to be there.


RideClutch and Eighty80 are two giveaways we can rely on because they haven’t yet given off the slightest hint of dishonesty. That being said, keep an eye out for additional investigations into other giveaway firms or propose a company you’d like us to thoroughly research!

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