6 Key Contrasts Distinguishing Copyright From Trademark

6 Key Contrasts Distinguishing Copyright From Trademark: Copyright and trademark are important ideas in the world of intellectual property. They do different jobs and protect different things.

To make it easier to understand, we’ve listed six important differences between copyright and trademark.

6 Key Contrasts Distinguishing Copyright From Trademark
  1. What They Protect: Copyright protects creative works like books, music, and art, while trademark protects logos, brand names, and symbols.
  2. Ownership: Copyright is automatically granted to the creator of a work, but trademarks must be registered with the government.
  3. Duration: Copyright typically lasts for the creator’s lifetime plus 70 years, while trademarks can last indefinitely as long as they’re used and renewed.
  4. Purpose: Copyright prevents others from copying or distributing your creative work, while trademarks prevent others from using similar logos or names to confuse consumers.
  5. Infringement: Copyright infringement happens when someone copies your work without permission, while trademark infringement occurs when someone uses a similar logo or name that can cause confusion in the marketplace.
  6. Registration Process: Copyright doesn’t require formal registration but is automatically granted upon creation. Trademarks require a formal application and approval process.
Aspect Copyright Trademark
What they protect Creative works (books, music, art) Logos, brand names, symbols
Ownership Automatically granted to creator Requires formal registration
Duration Lifetime of creator plus 70 years Can last indefinitely with use and renewal
Purpose Prevents copying and distribution of work Prevents confusion by similar logos/names
Infringement Copying or distributing without permission Use of similar logo/name causing confusion
Registration Process No formal registration required Formal application and approval process
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