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We supply IT products to thousands of customers, small, medium-sized and large businesses as well as the public sector.

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Tailored IT Solutions

Bodds provides IT consultancy services and tailored technology solutions which include video conferencing, back-up solutions, server room set up and managed services to help organizations achieve their business goals and gain a competitive edge.

We also provide complete IT solutions such as data centre setup and storage and other networking products, backed by the supporting services needed to implement and support your infrastructure securely - whether on the premise, in the cloud or a hybrid solution.

Our Solutions

Scalable Backup Solution

Ranging from NAS (Network attached storage) infrastructures to a variety of cloud back UPS storage services.

Video conferencing Solutions

In this age, people from all over the world connect to do business. It is important that every business has a means of communication with business partners, clients or prospecting clients. We have a wide range of solutions to help achieve this depending on the client’s requirement and budget.

Server room set up and rack Installations.

We are able to help design your server room according to ISO 27001 an international standard covering security management systems (SMS) including a risk assessment for physical security including the design of server rooms and the security of the data storage and also install processing assets within the room.

Access Control and CCTV

We can provide and install security cameras (IP and Analogue), access control (cards, fingerprint lock, iris scanner) for your organization.

Custom PC Build

Partnering with PC part makers across the globe to build custom PC's for 3D modeling, 3D rendering, virtualization, sound production, video editing, game design and development, gaming and 3D animation.

Enterprise Equipment

We have a wide range of enterprise equipment’s such as servers, checkpoints, access points, routers, extenders, repeaters, surge protected PDU’s (power distribution unit)

Web Development

Designing websites & web application to enhance visibility and global marketabilty reach.

Why You Should Work With Us

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Knowledgeable & Experienced Team

We live and breathe technology. Our team have accrued fantastic feedback for their knowledge and service levels.

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Fast Response Time

We offer the speed and flexibility that vendors and distributors typically struggle to deliver.

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Budget Flexibility

We would work with your budget to ensure you get the value for your money

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After Sales Support

All products supply by bodds are supported by our team of experts

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All Round Solutions

From product selection right through to configuration, deployment, licensing and ongoing support, you are in safe hands with Bodds

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Vendor Agnostic Approach

We take a holistic, impartial approach focused on identifying the right technology solutions and tailoring them to meet your organizations need.

Tech solutions have enabled seamless inter-connectivity within organizations in Africa & around the globe.

Learn about how we helped Total COOP base stations connect seamlessly accross Nigeria.


Our Trusted Partners

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