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Enabling Renewable Energy Solutions

Case Study


Arnergy is a full-service IoT-enabled distributed utility developing rooftop solar energy solution for economic clusters in emerging markets. Arnergy’s vision is to provide an affordable, clean, uninterrupted, power supply. They are on a mission to design solar energy systems for commercial and residential clients using tried and tested, intelligent solar energy systems, ensuring Nigerians have 24/7 power in their homes while reducing operating expenses of Nigerian businesses saving them huge costs otherwise spent on diesel/petrol generator maintenance and increased revenue otherwise lost to cut in production.

Arnergy was in search of a reliable IT vendor capable of supplying IT equipment ranging from desktop computers, laptops, UPS, Network cables, laptop bags, wireless mice, call center headsets, and many more.

Our Solution

After reaching out to a number of vendors, Arnergy found our prices very competitive and decided to engage Bodds to supply a number of her IT Infrastructure and work tools. Our partnerships with leading brands like Hewlett Packard and Samsung and our ability to source for IT equipment and devices in the local market give us an edge over our competitors. Hence, we can handle almost any IT request by Arnergy without compromising on quality.

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