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Banco de Atlántico

Supporting The Banking Sector in Southern Africa

Case Study


Banco de Atlántico, one of the leading banks in Angola works every day to bring more value to the lives of those who make up part of their ecosystem. Atlántico a bank motivated by the plans and needs of her customers is committed to supporting the families, companies, and structuring projects of the country. Her innovative range of products, services, and channels was developed to make your financial life simpler and secure wherever you are whenever you need.

Banco de Atlántico was faced with the challenge of fixing work tools (Hp Elite X2), sought for competent professionals to help fix broken laptops for the bank.

Our Solution

After a conversation between Director Patrimonial and Services Division Laurindo Rosa and our Managing Partner Emmanuel Osho, Atlántico was convinced that we had professionally trained engineers who are cable of fixing premium work tools like the Hp Elite x2. After sending a sample of the tablet, Atlántico was surprised at the excellence of service and delivery of the device back to Angola. Since then, Bodds has continued to provide support for the work tools used at Banco de Atlántico.

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