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Case Study


CyberSOC, a company of DATA GROUP IT, is leading the revolution in forward-thinking managed security services. CyberSOC protects and defends Financial Institutes, Telco’s, Oil & Gas, Governments, and SMEs’ IT assets and data against cyber-crime. They provide visibility and identify potential threats in all critical areas of an organization’s IT infrastructure, along with actionable, intelligence-driven insights to assess the state of an organization’s security posture, meet compliance regulations and design the future state of security. CyberSOC’s unique and flexible solutions offer businesses innovative ways to address the liabilities of today’s cyber-security and compliance requirements.

Our Solution

CyberSOC when setting their Lagos-based SOC (Security Operations Centre) faced with a disorganized server room setup which hampered maintenance and accessibility; Also Cybersoc wanted to expand their storage capacity by adding more servers and storage drives. After assessing the present conditions of the server room, we redesigned the room set up and replaced the U rack with a better option; The standard 800 x 1000 42U Mega U rack. We also supplied two (2) units of Dell PowerEdge R370 Servers which adapt to virtually any workload with a scalable server featuring an optimal mix of memory, storage, processing, and GPUs.

We were able to achieve the following at the end of the project :

  • Ease of accessibility and maintenance improved.
  • Cybersoc is now able to showcase its server room as it now meets world-class standards.

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