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Custom Built Workstation For Design and Animation

Case Study


Micdee strives to shape built environments that serve the dreams and needs of people today with considerations from the past and a focus on the future.

Their approach is unique. Micdee believes the most timeless, impactful designs come from an understanding rooted in the processes of their clients, their customers/market, and the basic human condition. The creative process starts with collaborative engagements with the client and their teams.

Micdee, looking to expand their current services, needed an additional powerful workstation to start up their animation and advanced 3D rendering arm of their company.

Our Solution

Managing director, Michael Awonowo reached out to our Sales Department to discuss their options and PC requirements. Michael explained that Mic-dee needed a very fast system that could render images and animation in a very short time. He also added that they would like a workstation built to meet these requirements before the itsclosing of business that day. After carefully listening to their needs, our Head of sales recommended that a custom pc, with these specs will meet the young Architecture’s company requirement:

9th Gen Intel Core i9-9700K, Atx Motherboard, GeForce RTX 1080 8GB, 64GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe, NVMe SSD, 2TB HDD, Win 10 Pro x64 Architecture and a 24-inch monitor

The managing director Michael Awonowo remarked about how they were fully satisfied with the performance of the custom-built PC and also the same-day delivery of the workstation which enabled them to kick off the new arm without any delay.

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