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Case Study


Redwire is an insight-driven brand and marketing firm committed to helping its clients build and sustain transformational ideas and businesses. With Redwire’s global presence, her primary objective is to help our clients thoroughly understand their markets and customers, whilst also identify untapped opportunities. Redwire combines experience with cutting-edge techniques, tools, and state-of-the-art metrics to objectively track and assess the impact of your marketing strategy, activities, organization, processes, and plans.

Redwire, a 21st-century marketing company was in search of the right technology partner to help supply IT infrastructure like office Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, Hard drives, etc.

Our Solution

With Redwire Marketing, we were thrilled that our extensive product knowledge and ability to provide these devices to a tight schedule were among the reasons we were selected against our competitors. We were tasked with the responsibility of supplying Macbooks, Windows PCs as well as other PC accessories such as Hard Drives, Microsoft Office package software, Antivirus, etc. Samuel Elili, Marketing Technology Analyst at Redwire contacted Bodds and several other hardware retailers while conducting some initial research into the business’s potential purchases. However, after discussing the requirements with Bodds, he was impressed by the amount of time we dedicated to fully understanding the needs of Redwire, and the advice we supplied regarding the kit list the organization would need moving forward.

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