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Partnering With OEM's To Support Indigenous Companies

Case Study


Softcom is a thinking company on a mission to connect people and businesses with meaningful innovation, at scale. They are human-centered in their approach to problem-solving and currently focused on solving problems in 4 foundational areas that enable people and businesses to thrive and would open society to improvement, particularly in sub-Saharan African. The four areas are Identity, Learning, Payments, and Data.

With over 200 staff, Softcom makes use of two brands of laptops as work tools; Apple’s MacBook and Dell’s XPS laptops. Softcom was in search of a reliable partner to provide IT support for these devices as they had several broken systems (both in and out of warranty).

Our Solution

After receiving excellent service at one of our service centers, a staff at Softcom recommended Bodds to the management and after a couple of meetings, Softcom realized that with our Apple Certified Technicians and partnership with Ensure Services, we can provide support to devices in warranty (at zero cost) and out of warranty, making us the perfect IT partners for Softcom Limited.

 Elias Aderemi, Cofounder and Operations lead at Bodds, said: “At Bodds, we pride ourselves on providing only the best repairs which are backed up by our warranty coverage ( up to 180 days), and we are confident that our approach is well suited to organizations with a diverse mix of requirements.”

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