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Facilitating The Brokerage of Financial Products in Sub-Saharan Africa

Case Study


Fundtron partners Limited operates as an intermediary between major dealers and facilitates trades in the broking of financial products in sub-Saharan Africa.

They offer brokerage services across multiple financial instruments such as Bonds, Eurobonds, Treasury Bills, Money Market instruments, Currencies, Asset Swaps, and Derivatives for a wide range of asset classes.
Their role is primarily to provide a point of contact to institutions and retail clients seeking to buy or sell financial or non-financial products.

Fundtron was looking to set up their first office in Lagos and needed to consult with an IT expert about their IT needs.

Our Solution

The CEO, Mr. Ayo was referred to Bodds through one of our existing clients and reached out to discuss what he wanted.

After discussing with one of our IT experts, we mapped out an ideal tailored solution for the trading workstations and a unique solution for the Manager’s office.

The unique solution for the Manager’s office includes a Dual Monitor Setup which has been proven to increase productivity by 30%.

We also discussed and reached a consensus with Mr. Ayo in terms of specifications, budget, and timeline.

The specifications include:

  • 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9700K, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB PCIe, NVMe SSD, Win 10 Pro x64 Architecture and a 24-inch monitor.

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