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Automating Identity Verification In Africa

Case Study


Youverify is a Lagos-based startup that helps automate due diligence and compliance by using data-driven decisions for the financial services and telecommunication industries.

Founded in 2017, Youverify provides an API for address and identity verification in Africa. The company helps organisations use data and its insights to make automated and efficient business decisions and speed up previously manual back-office processes.

Since its inception, it has processed registrations and verifications for banks and companies like Sterling Bank, Bolt, Kobo 360, and NIPOST.

Youverify needed to partner with a fast-paced and reliable local vendor to recommend IT work tools and equipment for their office in Lagos.

Our Solution

The IT Operation Specialist, Harriet Dako reached out to the team at Bodds through our website After discussing with the team at Youverify, we recommended various options in line with their specifications and timeline.

After a few days of negotiating we reached a consensus and delivered Hp 14 Laptops within 24 hours after payment was received.

Harriet Dako commended us for working with their specifications, budget and delivering in such a short timeline.

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