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Baobab Partners

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Case Study


Baobab Partners is a US-based IT firm that offers application development, consulting, marketing automation, training and software solutions.

Baobab Partners is a salesforce certified consulting partner. Its international team is made up of professionals with decades of combined platform experience.

Founded in 2017 by Stratten Waldt, Baobab Partners has developed an international work culture and has maintained this work culture across all aspects of operations, from sales to expansion and hiring to internal processes.

Today, Baobab partners have offices in both New York City and Lagos Nigeria. Their employees can be found all around the world working with varied time-zones and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Baobab Partners started its operations in Lagos Nigeria and needed to equip her staff with high-end performing devices and IT accessories.

Our Solution

After reaching out to a number of IT vendors, Baobab Partners reached out to Bodds to supply all her newly recruited staff work tools, IT accessories and mobile devices.

We supplied a variety of Laptops ranging from MacBooks to Dell and Hp, Ipads, external mouse, headphones and laptop cases.

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