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Case Study


Micdee strives to shape built environments that serve the dreams and needs of people today with considerations from the past and a focus on the future.

Their approach is unique. Micdee believes the most timeless, impactful designs come from an understanding rooted in the processes of their clients, their customers/market, and the basic human condition. The creative process starts with collaborative engagements with the client and their teams.

Micdee, looking to expand its current operations, needed an IT solution for automatic data backup, file sharing, and remote access.

Our Solution

The CEO, MR. Michael Awonowo reached out to the team at Bodds. After a few meetings with the CEO, we finalized the requirements, budget, and timeline for the project.

We carried out a storage audit to determine their current storage capacity so as to know what hardware to recommend and to predict the storage needs for the future.

We recommended the Network Attached Storage 2 Bay Synology DS DS720+ Diskstation for its application performance and ability to be expanded from 2 to 5 base making it budget and future proof for Micdee.

The Head of Design, Tola Daini commended “ that this solution has helped the team work remotely and collaborate easily.”

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