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Cybersoc Africa

Empowering Analyst With The Right Work Tools

Case Study


Closing the ever-growing gap between cyber needs and the resources to address them, Cybersoc has trained hundreds of African cyber security specialist annually and employs the very best of them.
CyberSOC, with strong local presence and an unmatched cyber intelligence network, the company possesses a true understanding of Africa’s unique threat landscape, local cyber-crime motivators, and attackers’ method of operation.
Building a SOC Security operations center can be a daunting task but with the right partners, the burden can be lessen. CyberSOC requires work tools for her analyst as they are a core part of the training.

Our Solution

The CTO of Cybersoc, Yaniv Ovitz reached out to Bodds requesting for systems for the training that would meet standard working requirements for Analysts. Our sales specialist recommended the Hp EliteBook Note books as these models are portable, rugged and have long lasting battery life. As ad-ons we recommended a docking station to go with the setup. This would provide easy accessibility to more ports that may be needed by the analyst at their work station. This is now a standard used across the cyber security company's SOC.

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